2013 Resolution: Organization.

Last year I pulled together a full list of resolutions for myself. I failed miserably.

So this year I have decided on one single resolution. To be more organized. Now, it has taken me until March to find the time to write a New Years resolution post.

This is a bad sign.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on line. Articles and blog posts on tips for organization and time management. I even created a Pinterest board on organization to store them all. Many of them lead back to one main root to making everyday feel more controlled.

The finding is that I need to get my ass out of bed earlier.

I am not what you would call a morning person. I have to set two alarms and sometimes hit snooze on both.

Maybe I should move to four, like this example I spotted on Pinterest last week…

Credit - http://thechive.com

It doesn’t help that I also have a toddler who is not a morning person. Clearly.

She is stating to follow in her mothers footsteps. That has to stop.

I wasn’t always like this. Back in college I woke up by 5:30 or 6 every morning. I would do laundry, homework, watch news, etc. I finished one of the top of my class while holding down 2-3 jobs at a once and even found plenty of time to have fun with my roommates.

I need to go back in time and grovel at the feet of my 20 year old self for tips. Maybe I can just get her to come back with me. That would be awesome.

I truly believe that if I can just manage to get a bit more organization into my daily routine, everything else will fall into place. I will have more time for reading, yoga & catching up with friends and family…all the things that I wishfully had on last year’s list.

Ideally, the next 9 months of 2013 will go better than the first three. Maybe there will be hope for this resolution after all.


  1. Emily says

    Funny, that is EXACTLY the same as my 2013 “resolution” (I don’t like calling it that it’s more a plan to be better at life hahaha!) Although my 4 year old is like his father and an early riser and that makes it even harder for me cause I too , am not a morning person.

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