#WordlessWednesday: Christmas Crafts & Moustashes

We kicked off the weekend with a family photo to commemorate Daddy’s moustashe before it (finally!) got shaved off.

Lilly's looks almost legit.

Lilly’s looks almost legit.

After that, I headed down to my annual Christmas get together with my girlfriends. These girls are my old college roomates, who also stood beside me on my wedding day. They just get me in a way no one else does. A day with them is always like a much needed reboot for my soul.

They are just as crafty as me, so part of our time is always doing something pretty :)

DIY Christmas tree button ornaments. So cute.

Iris came up with this adorable DIY Christmas Tree Button Ornament & took this photo of how they turned out.

Pretty decorated christmas cookies as christmas craft idea.

Veronika took this pic of the cookies we baked and decorated. She has an incredible camera and a crazy talent for photography.

Veronika, myself and Iris, out for a walk in beautiful Milton.

Veronika, myself and Iris, out for a walk in beautiful Milton.


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