My epic conversation with Fabio!

On Saturday morning, while scanning twitter like the addict I am, I discovered that both the Old Spice guy and Fabio for Old Spice had twitter accounts. This made me laugh. What a great campaign on Old Spice’s part…create an online rivalry between their two spokes men and have them ‘dueling’ in front of everyone.

I just had to comment on the hilarity of it, so I sent a tweet drawing attention to their accounts. Little did I know, Old Spice is all over this type of comment and would reply! Instantly! Before I knew it, I was having a twitter convo with “Fabio”!! Now, I have to admit I wasn’t overly nice to poor Fabio. He’s just not my type. But I was impressed with the level of interaction that I received from this account.

By doing this, Old Spice has created an incredibly smart campaign that mixes humour with a new low level of cheese factor. They have people watching the commercials and youtube videos, following both the guys on twitter and best of all, talking about it. My coworkers and I spent the first few minutes of lunch watching the youtube videos, reading the tweets and laughing hysterically.

What’s more is today their paid/promoted twitter trend had spilled over into unpaid, natural trends within hours. They have people organically talking everywhere about their brand. As a society today, we are inundated with ads all day long. We don’t just want to be talked at, we want to be social. A brand needs to give us a reason to include them in our social networks. Old Spice has done this effectively. This is definitely one of the better ad campaigns I have seen in a while. Bravo.

Check it out on twitter and youtube now. Even if you hate it, or find it to be the most ridiculous ad campaign you’ve ever seen, you know you’re talking about it and you can’t look away!

Ideally speaking, all ad campaigns would be this entertaining, no matter what they’re selling. Now go watch some more Fabio on youtube….I know you’re dying to!

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