Blogging with the lights off.

Our power is out. I’d love to say that this is a rare occurrence, but here in Tiny township, it happens with the slightest bit of rain. At least we’re used to it.

We have an obscene amount of candles lit around the house and I’ve been using my phone to provide Internet to my laptop, but now the laptop has died. Thank god for iPhones.

But this leads me to the troubling issue that has popped into my head. When did so many of us (I can only assume/hope it’s not just me) become so reliant on the need to be connected? Yes of course I understand the whole Maslows and all that, but at the more basic level, the need to always be connected to everything outside of the house.

I’ve started a really great book, The Night Circus by Erin Moregenstern, and I should be content to curl up and read that via candle light…at least my last tweet said I would…and my former self in my pre-cell phone days gladly would have. And yet I’m craving my Facebook, twitter and emails.

I think it’s going to have to be a personal goal to start spending my of my personal time disconnected from all electronics and getting back to the basics.

On that note its time to go read, but to be honest, ideally our damn power wouldn’t go out so often.

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    I totally get this! As a matter of fact, when I catch a whiff of a storm that may knock out power, I begin madly charging electronics. . . my iPad, the kids’ LeapPads, phones, kindles, DSes. It used to be we would curl up with books and candles too, but now we curl up with our thankfully charged electronics!

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      Ya, it’s such a change in how we do things! And it’s not just when the power is out. It’s standing in line, waiting at a doctor’s office, etc. It’s like I can’t really stand down time anymore – I NEED to be connected ;)

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      Wow, ya I don’t think I would have the patience for that either. I am a tech junkie, but I actually held onto my flip phone until just maybe 4 years ago. It worked and was very reliable! Though, I don’t think I could ever go back now… ;)

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    I am totally connected to my phone, much to my husband’s dismay! I really try to unplug in the evenings but after spending all day at work it is hard sometimes.

    I have that book on my Kindle. Did you ever get around to reading it? I haven’t started it yet.

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    I like the dark as well… and these days, I have to agree with Sarita, I’d probably sleep! Three little ones have sucked the life out of me!!! ;-) Glad I found your blog – from a quick glance I feel like we have a lot of common interests, so I’m looking forward to reading more!

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      Hi Kat! Yes, the little monkeys do tend to take their toll. I remember the good old days of lasting till the wee hours…most nights now I’m lucky to see 11:30!

      I hopped over to your blog. I’m glad you found me too. I think you are right. Just from a quick read of a couple posts, I got very teary. You are an incredibly strong and loving women for sharing so much of your loss with your readers. I think it is important (as you’ve likely seen from some of my posts) to help others who may suffer from hard times and tragedies.

      Just connected on twitter too :)

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    Ya..our power goes out all the time. It is super annoying. I don’t think I would be blogging though.. I would mostly just be sitting in the dark griping about how the electric company annoys me! haha! Btw, I love your graphic, who made it? I am always interested in finding other creators of vector graphics. :)

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      Haha, don’t you worry Lindsey, I do a lot of that too…and calling the electric company to report it…then calling back to the automated system every 15 min to get a status update! lol.

      I bought my graphic from and then added the recycling tattoo on her wrist (to match mine!) and the peace symbol in her bubble. The rest of the header was designed by me. I am by no means a graphic designer, but I know my way around illustrator and photoshop :)

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