I own nothing…we’ve entered the "mine" stage…

I no longer own any of my possessions. It’s true, just ask my daughter.

Lilly’s new favourite word is “mine”, which she has decided can be said about everything in our home. If she sees something that she wants, which is typically everything, she will point and state “mine”. If I try to respond with “No honey, that is Mommy’s”, she looks at me like I’m off my rocker and points again, stating “mine!” Her enthusiasm for the word increases in direct correlation to the number of times I try to correct her.

Last night alone, in the short time between dinner and bed, she determined that the following things were “hers”:

  • the groceries I brought home
  • the new baby monitor I was carrying
  • the box that the new baby monitor came in…which she snagged off the table and ran down the hall with…
  • my iPhone…ya right kid…
  • our sauce bowls. GLASS sauce bowls that she tried taking off the shelf
  • the baby monitor once it was set up in her room
  • her books on her shelf. oh wait, those are hers, but she didn’t need them while I was changing her diaper, as she thought she did
  • anything in the fridge, since she said it any time I opened it
  • my laptop…again, ya right kid…
  • countless more I can’t even remember

Now, it should be noted that her demanding list of possessions do not just reside in our home. Our daycare provider informed my husband when he picked her up yesterday that everything there was “Lilly’s”….so for any of our friends we visit in the near future, be forewarned that my daughter will lay claim on everything you own.

With all the annoyed chuckles that we have had from this, there is one truly amazing declaration that my little girl made. As we had our pre-bed cuddles last night, she was taking some time to examine my face (a new fav activity apparently). She was grabbing my nose, poking at my eyes, trying to grab my braces – charming – when she leaned in for a kiss. After her kiss she wrapped her tiny arms around my neck, put her forehead against mine, looked me square in the eye and said “Mine!” I almost cried.

Yes Lilly, my love, I am forever and always, yours!

Ideally, I will have an infinite number of amazing moments just like that in my lifetime as a Mama.
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