Please & Thank you. Adult sized manners!?

This morning I was grabbing some breakfast at McDonalds (please hold the criticisms, egg mcmuffin – no meat – is my bi-weekly weakness…plus they do make a great vanilla latte) and I was amazed at the blatant lack of manners in some of my fellow breakfast goers.

I watched one middle aged man walk up to the clerk and bark out his order. He then went on to act entitled and annoyed while waiting. When his order was ready he paid, took the bag and walked away. That’s it. No please. No thank you. Really?!? I’m sorry sir, where does your sense of entitlement come from? FYI, you are buying breakfast at McDdonalds of all places! This is not your home and that women behind the counter is not your servant. You are just like the rest of us, and somehow we still understand the meaning of manners.

It absolutely baffles me when I see this sort of thing happen. How does someone reach a point in their lives, even on a bad day, that you cannot mumble out a freakin thank you? This is not rocket science. If my 18 month old can manage it, so can everyone else. It is basic social courtesy 101 and should always be maintained. On the receiving end, that person who pumped your gas, got your coffee, fixed your phone bill, etc, is a person, with a life and feelings. I don’t care who you are (or who you think you are) they deserve to hear those words from everyone they encounter throughout their day.

Ideally, all adults would simply remember the manners they learned as children and never forget them, not even for a moment.

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