Mommy confessions in potty-training.

For nearly the past week, my totally day-trained toddler has been having accidents at least once a day.

There, I said it! I admitted it for the internet world to see.

I have had a hard time wanting to write this post because it feels like a set-back and I feel responsible. In a rational state of mind, I know that my newly potty-trained toddler having accidents does not make me a bad mother. But let’s be honest, how much of motherhood is rational thought?!

I try not to be one of those mothers…the ones that start every conversation with “Oh my little Jimmy can ____(insert some Nobel Prize winning milestone here)_____” because like many other moms, I resist the urge to smack these moms when then begin talking.

But I have to admit, I was very proud to say that my little lady was completely day-trained within a week – even if it took bribery to do it.

I do know that some regression is common. I also know that we (myself, her father & daycare) likely got a bit over confident at how quickly she took to this new stage, and got lax with our verbal reminders.

I know that learning any new task will take patience and understanding – things we are required to produce in spades as parents.

She is always very aware of the accident she has had and will even rat herself out when I pick her up at the end of the day. The little sad face and whispered, I pee pee da couch mommy” has got to be one of the most heartbreaking things to witness.

As my mother likes to tell me, “this too shall pass.” For the record, it drives me mental when she says that and I cringe/twitch each time I hear it…but she continues to be completely right in her Nana-knows wisdom. Damn it.

Ideally speaking, this too shall pass and she will be well on her way to conquering the next major life task. Because it is not about my pride, it is about her development, and I will use every bit of my rational mommy brain to remember that.


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    Oh dear!
    Potty training is next in our agenda, but it really doesn’t sound like fun. Especially when both mum and toddler girl are clean-freaks.

    (By the way, I’m on my 6th word verification attempt to leave this comment, if I fail again You’ll never see this, but if I succeed please oh please try and get rid of it)

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      Potty-training has it’s ups and downs. The excitement and pride they get from a successful trip to the potty is absolutely amazing. It can completely make your day, and theirs :)

      I removed the word verification and replaced it with moderation. So basically comments won’t be instantly live. I know the word verification is a pain in the tush, so at least this still lets me keep out the spammy annoyances!

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