Talking With My Toddler #1

This morning Lilly and I shared a plate of breakfast while squatting on the kitchen floor. Don’t judge me. This is just how it goes sometimes when trying to get out the door with a toddler.

This particular morning, Lilly examined my awkward squatting postition and must have realized I was not very comfortable.

Lilly: (Plopping herself on the floor) “I sit on my bum mommy.

Me: “That’s very good sitting on your bum honey.

Lilly: “You sit on your bum mommy!” squealing adorably, like she’s solved all my problems.

Me: (note: I am in black pants and we have two cats and a dog) “No that’s ok hun, the floor is kinda dirty.

Lilly: (sweeping her hand across the floor) “No floor not dirty, it’s clean!

*clearly we have differentiating opinions on this matter.*

Me: “Haha, no it’s not really all that clean.

Lilly: “Yes, it clean. Daddy clean it.

Me: (Giant bursts of laughter.)

*clearly we have VERY differentiating opinions on this matter as well.*

Lilly this morning – Hardcore gangster toddlers snort their chocolate milk, yo.

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