Doing something right in this parenting gig.

My daughter and I are both in the beginning stages of what I hear will be an epic head cold. Any parent knows a sick toddler is not a fun toddler. I am very thankful that today it is Friday and we can spend the next two days in our pjs with an unhealthy dose of Netflix.

It’s times like this, when your little one is sick and you feel helpless, that many moms have no clue if they are succeeding in this parenting gig.

For me, the testing moments come with the extra tears at daycare drop off, accompanied with a “peeese Mommy” as she asks me to stay. My heart breaks and I feel a pang of failure as a Mama.

Well, I must be doing something right.

Last night at bedtime, I took twice as long as normal, running my fingers through her hair and singing extra songs. After a while, I told my nightly white lie about how I had to go because it Mommy’s bedtime now, (if only). She grabbed my hand and told me she needed me.

This isn’t a new tactic for her. She often responds when I say goodnight by saying, “No, I need you Mommy“. I will openly admit that I take a bit of pride in hearing that sentence. I need her too, more than she will ever know.

I chuckled a little and told her that there isn’t enough room in her little bed for me and her. Naturally, she argued with me, telling me that there is lots of room.

Then she shocked me completely.

She offered up Baby, Daisy & Baby’s blanket, stating that she didn’t need them, just me.

This may not seem significant to you, but to me, this sacrifice was huge. That child does nothing without Baby and Daisy. We have had meltdowns at bedtime because the dolls were accidentally forgotten at daycare. So for her to be willing to trade them for me?! Proud Mama moment.

I am learning day by day that this is the gentle balance of being a good parent. It is a series of heartbreaking and frustrating moments, enveloped in a mass collection of amazing ones.

It is a beautiful realization that even if she was mad at me mere hours before for saying no, or going to work, she is still willing to give up the prized possessions of her tiny world, for me. Because I am her most prized possession of all. I guess Daddy is in there too ;)

Ideally speaking, years from now when she reads these posts, she will know that she has always been my most prized possession as well.

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