#WordlessWednesday: A Rare Mommy Moment

As a full time working mother, my weekday mornings are anything but serene. It’s complete chaos with a barking dog, cranky toddler & me sipping coffee, half dressed in the bathroom while doing my makeup. With a husband who works shift work, my weekend morning are not typically much better.

So when I was the first to wake this past Sunday morning, I took advantage of the rare occasion to relax in my study, read the paper news on my phone and enjoy the elusive peaceful morning coffee.

Coffee, Study, Library, Home Office, Mommy Moment, Toddler, Parenting, Family,
This is the stuff having a study is made for.

I wasn’t completely alone, but this company is typically pretty relaxed as well.

Dog, Family Pet, Study, Home Office, Relaxing, Mommy Moment, Toddler, Parenting,
I think she was thrilled for some toddler-free Mama time.


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