Talking With My Toddler #10: Bad Daddy!

Lilly: “Come Mommy. We put our babies to bed!” (takes off to go locate the baby that has been designated as mine from the living room)

*few seconds later*

Lilly: (sounding distraught) “HEY! Get off Mommy’s baby. Bad Daddy!”

*I walk over to see my toddler giving my husband one hell of a death stare. He’s in it good this time.*

Mommy: “What happened honey?”

Lilly: (frantically pointing at the underside of my husband, who is apparently laying on a doll on the couch)

Daddy: “I’m a bad Daddy?!” (he looks kinda genuinely hurt by this comment)

*I’m totally laughing at him. No I’m not because that would be cruel. (yes I am)*

Lilly: “Yes, your a bad Daddy! You’re a monster!”

*Whoa. Um, that’s a little harsh from a toddler…*

Daddy: “Grrrrrrr….” (getting off the couch, lifting his hands in the air and chasing after her, making ‘monster’ noises)

Lilly: (takes off running, giggling and knowing she has said the magic word.)

*Bedtime for the babies has been forgotten, for now*

Disclaimer: No baby dolls where harmed in the making of this blog post…. err, except this one. Who after being rescued from under my husbands butt, was then promptly dropped on the floor by my toddler.

Surprisingly, this sturdy 20 year old doll has withstood far worse, I’m sure.

Fun fact: this is my original Water Baby that was given to me when I was 8 or so. I recently passed it onto Lilly. She loves it.

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    I know all about being a “bad daddy”. I think the pinnacle for me was when my son said he didn’t love me anymore…That changed quickly when I took him to the outdoor rink. Kids are funny, aren’t they? ;D

    • says

      I remember reading your post about that one, Chris :( That would break my heart. Not looking forward to the day she pulls that card on either of us. But yes, it is kinda cute how quickly they get over things. Kids don’t hold grudges…a lesson many adults need to learn ;)

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