#WordlessWednesday: Toddler Sized Book Lover

I’ve been a book worm for as long as I can remember. I love everything about books; reading them, smelling them, collecting them. I have hundreds of books, several of them more than 100 years old & from every genre. I always hoped that this would be a part of me that my kids inherit.

I may have gotten my wish…

One toddler, so many books!

Paused to explain to me that she is finding a new book.

Wound up choosing a book from my Superman collection. She really is
my daughter ;)


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      Thanks :) She does really love to read. This is just my book case…she has two hanging shelves in her bedroom full of books & a separate bookshelf in her playroom that is huge & half full. We could nearly start a library in this house ;)

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