Earth Day Resolutions

Happy Earth Day!

Around our house, we tend to treat everyday somewhat like Earth Day. I am certainly not the crunchiest mama on the block, but as a family we know how to be more conservative and conscious on a daily basis. After working for an environmentally friendly company for 5 years, I learned a lot about how to reduce our impact.

Earth Day 2013, earth day resolutions, reycling tattoo, greener lifestyle
Yes this is real. It’s my visual reminder to try and live a
greener life everyday.

It also helps that I was born in the early 80s and grew up with the knowledge of recycling and the importance of conserving lights, water, etc. It’s amazing to see how incredibly aware of the environment the next generation is. With vermicomposts and litter-less lunches in schools, kids are growing up knowing a greener way of life. It gives me hope.

However, there are always more that we can be learning and implementing as the parents of this generation. The responsibility to be more aware of our impact, is something that should be nurtured well at home too. We need to constantly ask ourselves what else we could do, to set the right example. posted a great piece today about the idea of setting Earth Day Resolutions. They pointed out that while Earth Day only comes once a year, we could use this opportunity to set new environmentally conscious goals for ourselves.

We might be conservative and aware in our household, but I love the idea of taking an honest look every so often, at how we could be doing better.

So this year I am setting my own Earth Day Resolution: To keep my showers to under 15 minutes.

For some, this might seem like an easy resolution, but if I am being honest with you and myself, this one will be a process for me.

I conserve water. I wash laundry in cold water and only wash full loads, I turn off the water when brushing my teeth, and we only run the dishwasher if it is completely full. We are also teaching Lilly to conserve water. She knows to turn off water when brushing her teeth and to not play in the running water when washing her hands. She knows to only flush the toilet when you need to…this one took longer. What the hell is the fascination with toddlers and flushing the toilet?!

However, my overindulgence is long showers. I am terrible for them. Sometimes lasting upwards of 35-40 minutes. There, I said it. I can’t believe I just admitted that on the internet….

I do feel terrible for it, because I should definitely know better. It doesn’t help that I have a hell of a lot of thick, curly hair to wash, but I also know that I doddle much more than I should.  Especially since becoming a mom. Lilly is on a shower kick and likes to hijack my bathing time, so it’s rare for me to get to shower alone at all. When I do, it’s like a small heavenly escape… you all know what I’m talking about.

Although splurging on a nice long shower or super full bubble bath is fine once in a while, I am making it a goal to reduce my regular showers. I don’t want my daughter growing up thinking that a shower should last for more than half an hour. We have taught her that there are people in the world who have very little of everything. This includes water and I do not need 35 continuous minutes of it to wash myself.

Ideally speaking, taking shorter showers will also help with my 2013 New Years Resolution to be more organized with my time management. Don’t even get me started on how that one is going…

Did you set an Earth Day Resolution this year? If so, please share it in the comments.


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    LOVE IT! I am not the “greenest” of people i know but i can do tons of small things that can add up!! thanks for reminding me of one way to be eco-friendlier!! thanks for linking up to frugalfitfamily!

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    Wait a minute – did I read that you take 15 minute showers?!!! I don’t remember the last time that my family even allowed me to! LOL – a few years ago, I heard of a certain celebrity (sorry, the name escapes me…I want to say Jennifer Aniston) shared that she tries to take 3 minutes showers every day so I have tried to do that too! I don’t time them, but I try my best.

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    Sorry it is so late. I am swinging by from the Tuesday Baby link up from a few weeks ago. Just wanted to say hi. I made a few earth day “resolutions” for this year. I want to convince my hubby to make me a rain barrel and also start phasing out unsafe/unecofriendly cleaners this year.

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