Wordless Wednesday with LINKY: Using PicMonkey

Today’s post isn’t quite wordless, but it’s definitely light on words. I wanted to give a quick tutorial on how to find a picture within a picture using PicMonkey. I am completely obsessed with PicMonkey. I actually have full photo editing software on my computer, but found PicMonkey can do many of the same basic features within a much easier interface.

Best part? It’s free!

Here is the before picture. A cute shot of Lilly playing at her friend’s house last weekend.

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I started by cropping the photo to fixed dimensions for a 5×7. I centered Lilly within the grid that appears during cropping. I wanted to really bring her out as the focus from within the larger photo above.

I then adjusted brightness and highlights up a little bit. You should also adjust the shadows up by a few points in order to stop the photo from looking unnaturally overexposed.

Play with the various filters. I am partial to Tranquil myself. For this photo I choose that and faded the strength it by 25%.

Here is my end result. I might just have to blow this up for the mantel!

PicMonkey, editing photo for free, edit photo online, family, parenting, toddler


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    some day when I have time & patience I need to try out this program. she is a little cutie. I love how changing the shadows her face is easier to see. thanks for stopping & commenting, always nice to meet a new friend! Faythe @GrammyMouseTails

  2. says

    Oh, what a sweet photo! I have heard great things about Pic Monkey, but I use Picasa and haven’t ever needed to do anything I couldn’t do with it. Maybe I will have ot head over and check it out to make sure I’m not missing out on anything. :)

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    I love Picmonkey! There are just so many tools to choose from for free and they just added some more.
    I love your picture. The original was cute, but the cropping made it perfect. You have a little cutie there.

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