This is my sunshine. Our 2015 family photoshoot.

A few weeks ago, we have the incredible opportunity to have updated cute family photos taken. We haven’t had photos done officially since Cole was 3 months old. When one of my closest girlfriends talked about getting into photography a little more professionally, I was so excited.

We met at Lowville Park. It was nice and central to where we were staying that weekend and is a beautiful space with so much to see and do. Little did Veronika know when she picked the location, this park also holds a special place in my heart. This is where my older brother and I went to summer day camp, where I had my first overnight camp and where my Dad would often stop for a break when driving us back up to Mom’s after our weekends with him. My family growing up has spent lots of time at Lowville Park and now my own family has made memories there as well.

Veronika has always had an amazing eye. When we were in college, she took some of the most beautiful photos I had ever seen. She also knows me incredibly well, so I knew she would instinctively capture my family in our most pure and honest form.

The results makes me heart melt. These photos display our family smiling, goofing off and chasing after our sometimes (most of the time) uncooperative little man. I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful images.

Without further ado, our 2015 family photoshoot.


The money shot. This will be the one for on top of the mantel :)

Cole wasn’t in the best of moods. It had been raining, was a bit cold and we had ripped him off of a very appealing playground at this park. Thank goodness Veronika had brought some props. This pumpkin was a mood changer for our little guy.


“Real question here mom, I can eat this right?”


Daddy’s Girl.


She sure loves her Daddy.

Veronika had wanted to take a few shots of us laying on a blanket. Given Cole’s track record for cooperation, I wasn’t sure this was going to work.


Of course Lilly and Adam had some great shots.


And we did manage to get one of all 4 of us, smiling together…


…but really this is a FAR more accurate photo to describe our family. NOTE: Cole wandering around in the background…


Little man leading the charge, like always.


He’s getting so big!


Our beautiful little lady.


“I’ll race you Mama!”


Partners in crime. Always.


Our little family.


Kids? What kids? Getting some lovin from my man ;) We have a 2012 version of this photo too with us and Lilly.


Our beautiful boy.


Mama’s Boy.


Oh the pumpkin! Oh the wind! Oh the hair!


“Let’s take one with me and fall stuff!”


Just the girls :)

Lastly, I asked Veronika to shoot a specific pose of Lilly and I. There was a photo of my Mama and I in my mind and I wanted to recreate it. I can’t help the tears that flow every time I look at this comparison. Once again, I wish they had internet in heaven, so Mama could see this too.


Like Mama, like daughter. Miss you Mama <3

A big massive thank you again to my dear friend, Veronika. Words can’t fully articulate how much I love these photos.

Ideally speaking, we will always find the time, once every year or so, to take a few moments and capture our family in a way completely and fully us.

Lasting Friendships: Bonding at Blissdom

When I walked into my first Blissdom Canada conference, I was quite nervous. I recognized several people from their profile pictures but struggled with the confidence to just walk up to them. Although I had spoken to many of them on several occasions through social media and blog comments, I had never met any of them face-to-face.

That was back in 2012. Now, as I get ready to head out to my 4th Blissdom in just a few weeks, I know I’ll be walking in with a totally different feeling. I’ll be walking in excited to reconnect with some of my closest friends. People who I know will be just as excited to see me.

Although we only see each other once or twice a year, we will act like close friends who see each other all the time. We will talk a mile a minute. We will stuff our face shamelessly with candy and snacks. We will laugh so hard we snort. We will dance like complete idiots. We will stay up way too late. We will do it all over again the next day. And we will love every minute of it.

Making friends at Blissdom Canada.

Me, pregnant and leading the conga line at Blissdom 2013 (Photo credit – Ann Epp Photography)

At Blissdom I found my people. I became part of the community that is so accepting and supportive. They are passionate, honest and speak from the heart. They use words on a page to share their voice with the world, just like me. Many of us are creative, energetic and maybe just a little bit awkward, but with each other we find a new level of comfort and familiarity.

80s & 90s kids at the Blissdom 2014 #ThrowBackThursday Party!

80s & 90s kids at the Blissdom 2014 #ThrowBackThursday Party!

The bonding that I found at that first Blissdom has stuck with me and grown. These are fellow moms and dads that I know were there for me anytime I need them.

Recently I had a reason to lean on this community more than I ever have before. The day we unexpectedly lost my Mama, some of the first and most heartfelt words I received were from my friends in the blogging and Blissdom community. They sent me personal messages emails and called me, all to show their support at such a difficult time in my life. In a few weeks time I will be cashing in on many promises of hugs and whiskey. This all from people who I only see once or twice a year.

My amazing Blissdom roommates, 2 years in a row!

My amazing Blissdom roommates, 2 years in a row!

Blissdom taught me that true friendships don’t have to follow a format.

Bonds can be formed with people you just met. They can be maintained with infrequent visits. They can grow with words shared only through blog posts, Twitter chats and Facebook messages.

It was a sad day last week when I learned that this year will be the very last Blissdom Canada Conference. However, I know that the community will live on and will continue to grow. There will be other events and opportunities to get together, laugh and share. I look forward to the future and all that it holds for this beautiful group of individuals I know as my friends.

Ideally speaking, everyone should have the opportunity to find people they connect with to this level and build lifelong bonds.

Are you thinking of coming to the very last Blissdom? 2015 promises to be the best Bliss ever! Register now and join us.

Our Favourite Feature of Huggies Little Movers Plus!

Last month I wrote about how we have recently switched Cole from wearing Huggies Little Snugglers, to Huggies Little Movers Plus. He literally never stops moving and we knew it was time to transition to a diaper that would keep up to him.

Now that we have been using them for a few weeks, I can confidently say that these have to be my favourite of all the Huggies diapers. First off, they are super cute. With bright polka dots and Micky and Friends designs, these very well might be the most fun looking and adorable diaper we have ever used.

Cute Little Movers Plus from Huggies

So cute.

Huggies Little Movers Plus Review

Little Man!

Secondly, the ultra-soft yet absorbent liner seems to be holding up to its reputation. We haven’t had a single leak since we have switched and Cole’s little baby bottom has been dry and free from any rashes, even after a long car ride. This is a major benefit for us, since this little man LOVES his water and is a bit of a heavy wetter by nature. It is great to have that confidence when we are travelling or out for a few hours.

So what is my absolute favourite feature of Huggies Little Movers Plus? I would have to say that it is definitely the double grip strips in the waistband. Cole is a big boy in terms of height, but he is still a little but tiny around the waist. I love that the double grip strips allow these diapers to have a snug, but very flexible fit that will move with him and stay in place. By holding the waistband together in two spots on each side, I also know that these diapers are more likely to stay in place, even when Cole is trying to break free and go streaking…his newest favourite way to get on the move…

Want to see for yourself just how much our little man likes to move?? Don’t worry, no streaking was filmed in the making of this short video ;)

Little Movers Plus in a Nutshell:

  • Huggies’ most absorbent diaper† with ultra-softness
  • New DryTouch Liner®
  • Double Grip Strips for a comfy fit that lasts.
  • Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and Huggies Little Movers Plus are
  • Exclusively available at Costco in sizes 3-6!

†Except for Huggies® OverNites diapers

I mentioned in last month’s post that we used to buy our Huggies wherever we saw them on sale. However, with the lower cost and huge case size available exclusively at Costco, they really are a great deal at any time. I highly recommend stocking up the next time you have a Costco run and see for yourself how great Huggies Little Movers Plus would be to keep up with your little one.

Disclosure: I am part of the Huggies Ambassador Campaign with Influence Central and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.