Wordless Wednesday: baby milestones & a preschool boyfriend

The month of October started off a little rough, with our whole household being sick. Including the baby, who was also cutting two teeth at the same time. Needless to say the last two weeks I’ve had many sleepless nights. However we all seem to be on the mend. S it’s time to play catch-up, again, with forward with Wordless Wednesdays.

first off, this is been a busy month for baby milestones. Colton has started sitting up, gotten his first team and has nearly crawled.

October 6th he official started sitting all by himself!

One tooth in & another right behind it.

Crawling is just around the corner.

Next, Lilly got all dressed up in her big girl coat for birthday party. At this birthday party was her boyfriend Darius. Now, they have known each other since they were babies, but now they go to school together too. Lilly recently told us that she plans to marry Darius. Apparently Darius went home and told his parents he’s going to marry Lilly. So I guess the feeling is mutual.

Ah, young love.

I am in love with this coat on her.

Ideal #OOTD: Cozy elbow patch sweater

Aaaannnnnd, I’m back!

It has been about eight months since my last fashion post. Having a baby can crimp your style a wee bit.  I just didn’t think anyone would care which yoga pants I was wearing, or if I even bothered to get out of last nights PJs…

Next month I head back to work. My hubby is taking the last four months with Colton. To gear up for the transition, I started going back into the office for a half day once a week. There are weeks where I don’t feel like going simply because I miss my little man. However, the idea of putting on real clothes and buying a Starbucks latte is powerful motivation.

For Mother’s Day this year Adam bought me a pair of Steve Madden combat boots that I’d had my eye of n for very long time. I’ve only had a few opportunities to wear them, so this fall and winter I am very excited to build new outfits around them.

The nerdy writer in me is instantly in love with anything Oxford like. So when I spotted this cream-colored cableknit sweater with elbow patches, I knew I had to have it. Paired with black leggings and my combat boots, this outfit is the perfect blend of preppy badass.

Cute fall look with cozy elbow patch sweater.

Cozy elbow patch cardigan. Perfect for fall/winter fashion.

Combat boots, cozy elbow patch cardigan and leggings. Perfect look for fall.

Cozy elbow patch cardigan & combat boots.

Elbow Patch Cardigan – Urban Planet
Leggings – H&M
Combat Boots – Steve Madden
Shoulder Bag – Garage
Scarf – Ardene

#WordlessWednesday: 6 months old already!?

Last week, our little man turned 6 months old. I can’t believe it has been half a year already. It really is crazy how quickly time flies with little ones.

6 month stats!

6 month stats!

As always, Lilly got in on the photo shoot. #SiblingLove

As always, Lilly got in on the photo shoot. #SiblingLove

To celebrate the occasion, I did a bit of a different photo that the typical monthly shoot that we usually do. Cole has an adorable little red bow tie and we have one red cloth diaper. It made for the perfect combination.

6 Months & Perfect!

6 Months & Perfect!

Of course, there were some out takes in order to get this shot…

Cutest. Pout. Ever.

Cutest. Pout. Ever.