Mommy: That’s my name, don’t wear it…ah who am I kidding.

There was a point, not all too long ago, that I can remember thinking just how wonderful it was going to be to hear my little darling call me mommy.

Oh how naive I was.

We are at a point now where I can hear the name ‘mommy’ about 2-5 times in any given minute. I only wish I was being sarcastic. Even in moments when we’re at the dinner table and I am RIGHT beside her. She doesn’t need or want anything, she is just saying mommy, staring at me, while stuffing dinner in her face.

What’s really great about it is that she has developed a fantastic vocabulary around the world mommy, with completely different ways to say it. I particularly love the whiny ‘mooommmmyyyy’ attached to a whimper and the defiant ‘No, mommy!’. So glad she’s learned those two. *sarcasm*

By the time Lilly goes to bed I swear all it would take is one more ‘mommy’ to push me over the edge. You’d find me huddled in the corner, rocking back and forth, and whispering ‘mommy’ in one of those certifiably crazy voices…
So where is the idealistic part of this post? Lilly has also just recently learned one more new phrase. It goes something like, ‘i luuv ooo mommy’. Yeah, she can wear out this new name of mine all she wants!

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    I can totally relate! It’s funny I’m reading this today, because just last night my husband challenged our 5-year-old to see how long he could go without saying “Mommy.” He made it 4 minutes. Then he went a whole 45 seconds. At that particular moment, all I wanted to do was wash dishes in peace and quiet. Yep, wash dishes.

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