Ultimate Blog Party 2012!

I have been at this personally blogging business for just about a year now. I had been blogging for my company for many years, but started Ideally speaking to give myself a creative outlet and to share stories as a new mom. I wanted the freedom to talk about everything from diaper changes to politics and everything I could squeeze in between.

What I didn’t anticipate finding with my personal blog was the amazing level of connection it would bring with other online moms. I used my personal twitter to promote my blog and walked right into a world of the most open and sharing women I have ever had the pleasure of talking with. It truly makes me feel like a member of the world wide moms club :)

It is because of this that I am very exciting to be taking part in my first ever Ultimate Blog Party with the lovely ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom! In the past year I have come to live for mommy meetups and this will be the marathon of all twitter parties and video hangouts!

Ultimate Blog Party 2012
If you are an online mom, blog or not, take some time for yourself and join us next week! It will definitely be an ideal use of your time ;)

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    Hey! Found you through UBP! This is my first year and I am loving meeting all the new people and the great blogs I am finding! Looking forward to coming back and reading your blog!

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    I began blogging roughly 5 years ago as a way to make adult connections. A full time SAHM who also began caring for my mother for the last years of her life I needed an outlet. Blogging was it for me. This is my 3rd year participating in the UBP and each year I have just moved or changed my blog name. I am finally under my own address using WordPress which has been a HUGE change for me. Welcome to the party hun.

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      Hi Janet! Thank you. It just recently went through a much needed site redesign :) I find the pink brings out my girly side just a bit more…which is good, since I grew up with three brothers and don’t always remember that side exists!

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    The blog party is so much fun. One year I tried to visit every single blog. I didnt make it but I heard someone else did. I know I can’t do it this year, but I’ll see how many I can get.

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