Forever & always, my baby she’ll be.

A few weeks ago, after a morning cuddle with Mama.

The other night I rocked Lily asleep first time in a very long time.

She fell asleep in the car and I had the delicate task of getting her into the house without waking her…of course did wake up but only very briefly 
Adam and I each gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and she responded with a goofy kind of sleepy baby smile. She told me she wanted ‘night night on mommy’…which is her toddler speak for wanting to cuddle. So cute! I took her into her room and rocked her back and forth in my arms for a good five minutes and watched as she very quickly started to doze back off.  
Starring down at her I had a very vivid reminder that no matter how big of a little girl she ever becomes, she will always be my baby. I had a flashback to holding her has a newborn and how she was so tiny that I could nestle her in the crook of my left arm. Now looking down at her, she spends the full length of my body with her legs dangling over my right arm and hanging almost down to my waist! 
And yet no matter how big she has gotten, she is still this tiny little person, fast asleep in my arms and looking so peaceful. 
Ideally speaking, whether she is 2 or 22, she will forever and always be my little baby girl.

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