#FridayFunny: Attack of the killer toddler!

I have always said that toddlers are vicious.

Well no, I have actually never said that. But they can turn on you in a flash!

Lilly has a monster fixation. I’m not quite sure where it came from, although I am sure that it is largely my doing. She makes monster noises in the car – blaming it on a “monster” in the passing pushes. She gives me monster kisses – growls a low raspy growl and then launches her face at mine with a “muah!”. Hilarious. She also plays pretend monster by herself in her crib – waking up to the sound of growling on a Saturday morning is always amusing…

On our recent mini vacation to my in-laws farm, Lilly decided to play monster with Grandpa. I’m not quite sure my father-in-law knew what was happening, but that made it a heck of a lot funnier to watch.

I happened to snap some quick photos of Lilly’s monster attack and decided to make my first gif! Used the awesome (free!) iPhone app, GifBoom. It was super quick and super easy.

Click here to share this ferocious toddler attack.

Ideally speaking, I would always be able to capture these hilarious little moments on film…but alas I am not a creepy reality-tv moms with my own TV camera crew.

*Disclaimer – I didn’t receive any compensation from GifBoom for this. I simply did some digging for a good gif maker app and they came back as the top choice.

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