#WordlessWednesday: New Years in New House

Things have been more than just a little crazy lately. We are two months into our new home and I still don’t feel like we our life back together yet. Case in point, we made it to Christmas Eve without any definitive plans for New Years. After lulling it over, we finally decided on an slightly impromptu get together at our new home….the one I haven’t even had a house warming in yet….

It may have been a little bit chaotic, but I am really glad we did it. It was one of the first chances I got to put aside the stress of how horribly well organized the new house is and actually just enjoy living in it for a change.

This wasn’t planned. Matching stripped look was just a cute coincidence.

The starting to our yummy New Years spread.

Once the toddler was in bed, the party moved to the downstairs & I broke
out my bourbon.

First official house party in our ready-made man cave/bar. Felt great to really
break in the bar & pool table.


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