Talking With My Toddler #13: The difference between boys and girls.

I always knew this day was coming, but I didn’t quite think it would be here so soon. Are toddler daughter has now realized that there is a key physical difference between boys and girls.

This past weekend, after waking up from her nap, she asked me where daddy was. Without thinking much of it I told her that daddy was in the bathtub. Before I could stop her she was down the hall and bursting into the bathroom door.

Lilly: “Hi daddy!

Daddy: “Hi honey. Daddy’s taking a bath right now. Can I have a little privacy?

Lilly: “Oh. Yep.” (Though she makes no motion to actually leave.)

Mommy: “Ok honey. Daddy says he would like some privacy. Let’s leave him alone for a little bit.

Lilly: (looking daddy up-and-down) “He’s taking a bath.

I thought we’d established this already. She pauses for a moment and looks curiously a specific part of Daddy.

Lilly: (pointing) “What’s that?

My husband shoots me a quick grin and we both silently acknowledge that we’re entering new territory as parents.

Daddy: “That’s my penis.

Lilly: “You have a penis daddy??

She says this as if a.) she knows what a penis at all and b.) she surprised that he has one. *Insert all the lame jokes from his guy friends here.*

Mommy: “Well honey you know how you and Mommy are girls and Daddy is a boy. Girls have vaginas and boys have penises.

She takes a moment to process this info. She has understood for a while now that we are girls and Daddy is a boy. She can distinguish between girls and boys quite well, but this was a new piece of evidence!

Lilly: “I have gina.” (pointing at me) “You have gina.” (pointing at Daddy) “You no have gina!

She says this as if he is severely missing out and that we are superior due to our vaginas.


I finally convince her that we should let Daddy finish his bath in peace. It may or may not have taken the bribery of snacks and a movie to get her out of there…

I’m relieved this first little leg of the boys and girls chat is completed. Surprisingly, it was less awkward than I expected it to be.  

Ideally speaking, all of these types of talks will be this relaxed…but I’m not holding my breath. 

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    That was handled very well with Adams Dignity still intact. You gave just enough info with out further explanation of why and how those parts work that will come later lol. Your good parents and I agree that the proper names are the most reptful way of comunication with the toddler nicknames for parts of the body has gone by the wayside and was used when it was taboo to dicuse one’s body parts. Love MOM I hope and pray you will always share these talks like we did. LOVE MOM

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