Looking For Balance. Parenting in this generation.

Looking For Balance. Parenting in this generation.

Case in point, my smartphone also made it into this family photo. As did my husbands in his front right pocket…
(Photo: the talented Jill Steeves of Jill Monique Photography)

One Saturday morning, not long ago, our 2 year old daughter burst into our room for a morning cuddle. I couldn’t help but laugh when crawled into bed and demanded that Daddy wake up and make her breakfast. A very sweet “I love you Daddy” later and he was up and moving. I was instantly inspired to write a blog post about how much influence this tiny little lady has over my husband. However, as I began typing on my phone, she grabbed my hand and squealed “Come mommy. Daddy making breakfast!”

I realized that this funny little moment would still be living safely in my head in a few hours. There would be plenty of time to write the post while she was napping. There isn’t always plenty of time to make breakfast as a family.

Parents are all about balance. However, the landscapes in which we need to find balance have changed. It is no longer just about finding it within our own home, but also with how much outside influence we allow in.

We are equally blessed and cursed with a vast network unlike anything seen in prior generations.

With the amount of electronics we have at our disposal, those outside connections constantly surround us. The wonderful aspect of this is that it keeps resources and connections at our fingertips at all times. Through this technology, I can talk to and actually see my daughter while I’m away on a business trip.

However it is this same technology that can lead me to feel more distant when we’re in the same room.

Today’s parenting network thrives on the sharing of information and special moments. It is instantaneous and impulsive. I often find myself carrying my smartphone around the house with me, making sure I am ready to capture everything, while trying not to miss anything.

The problem comes from finding that balance and knowing when to unplug and step away.

There should be a time throughout your day where the only network you are engaging in is the one within your own home.

I am no saint when it comes to leading a simple life. I have a career in online marketing, social media and blogging. I spend 70 percent of my life completely connected, interacting with an international online community of marketers and parents, sharing pieces of my family. Despite this, I am able to find some balance.

As a mother who works outside the home, the quality of the time spent with my family is incredibly important. Evenings are spent with my daughter and husband, while my electronics remain in my study. I have no need for them until my daughter is in bed. There are exceptions, with the odd cute photo to Instagram or a funny status update. However, blogging, networking or work from the office can wait a few hours while I play hide-and-seek with no interruptions.

It’s not always easy to maintain this balance, but it is something I feel is crucial for our children to observe. I can only imagine what the world of parenting will look like for them, and I want to know I am setting the right example.


Through an amazing opportunity with Blissdom Canada last year, a shorter version of this article was originally published in Canadian Family magazine! Helping me to cross ‘nationally published writer’ off my bucket list :)


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    finding a balance is definitely difficult, especially in the beginning but I’ve found that working/blogging during nap time and after the kids are in bed are great or in the car rides to the grandparents help also.

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