#WordlessWednesday with Linky: Our Little Girl is 3!

I can’t even believe I am typing this already, but our little lady is officially 3 years old!

You know what this means? Well, it means I need to get working on my follow up piece to things you learned in the first year of motherhood and things you learned in the second year of motherhood. But besides that.

It means I threw one kick ass party for my little monkey. True to form of my slightly tomboyish little girl, she requested a dinosaur party. A pink dinosaur party, but dinos none the less.

I delivered.

Here are just a couple photos to celebrate her birthday. Pink dino party supplies are not readily available…well anywhere. So this was very much a heavy DIY party. Thank god for Pinterest. I will be putting together a full post on her party, the games we had, decor I designed, etc.

Birthday Girl! Her shirt says “RAWR means I love you in dinosaur!” Too cute for words.

Make a wish!


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