#WordlessWednesday with linky: My 30th Birthday!

This past Saturday, I official said goodbye to my 20s. To celebrate, we had over a bunch of good friends, my husband made me a pile of amazing food and ordered a ton of preggo-friendly sushi. I was in my glory ;)

I was so busy during the day and that evening that I forgot to really get any pics. I know, me, forgot to whip out the phone and Instagram all the things. So unlike me.

I did manage to get a shot of these beautiful birthday flowers, sent over by my mother and father-in-law. Although I am horrible at keeping them alive, I love getting flowers. There is something about the delivery & realizing they are for me that just puts a huge smile on my face.


I also, of course, took a picture of one of my favourite gifts of the evening. True to his word, a buddy of ours bought me my first bottle of single malt scotch. Anyone who knows me (or has read my twitter bio) knows that I am a whiskey girl. I have a soft sport for good bourbon, but the boys told me I needed to upgrade to scotch when I hit 30. Now, being pregnant I am obviously not going to be breaking into this anytime soon…but it will sit there and age nicely until I am ready.



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