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Around this time five years ago, I was pregnant with Lilly and excitedly dreaming about what next years Christmas would be like when she was with us. While looking up Christmas goodies for kids, I happened upon an incredible service that made personalized video messages from Santa, called the Portable North Pole.

I quickly hopped onto my good friend (and most avid Christmas enthusiast I know) Melissa’s Facebook account and grabbed a pic of her little guy, Liam. I made the video and sent it to her via email. She messaged me later that night to say thank you and that watching Liam get so excited for the message brought tears to her eyes.

Watching the elves and Santa deliver her personalized message.

Watching the elves and Santa deliver her personalized message.

Since then, we have enjoyed that sweet moment in our own home each Christmas season. Since Lilly isn’t quite old enough to remember the videos from previous years, she doesn’t expect them yet. However I look forward to creating them each year. I’m honestly not sure which one of us gets the most excited ;)

Love how her face lights up when Santa talks to her.

Love how her face lights up when Santa talks to her.

If you’re not familiar with the Portable North Pole (PNP), they create the world’s most engaging, personalized Santa video messages. It gives you the ability to bring Santa Claus directly into your home via video message, complete with details and photos of your kids. It brings them such an in depth personalized video that truly comes across in a realistic way. I was blown away the first time I saw it and equally impressed with the way they have grown it since.

You can take a look at the magical 2014 trailer below. It gives you a sneak peak of the story line available and quality of video you can expect.

There are plenty of ways to share in the magic for free and the “elves” have been busy working to make PNP easier to use and extra personalized. There’s a new mobile version (compatible with Apple and Android devices) so you can carry the magic of Santa in your pocket, creating personalized video messages and calls on the go.

In the true spirit of giving, the PNP team has pledged to donate 5% of all web sales to kids hospitals in the purchaser’s province. Last year they donated $US75,000 to charity and are hoping to well exceed that figure this season.

The PNP website now has plenty of Christmas stories to share with the kids you love …or funny video options for the adults you want to embarrass in your life ;) Visit and start a wonderful, family tradition.

Portable North Pole (PNP) Promo Code:

PNP offers one free personalized video message, but there are a wide range of additional story lines, Christmas eve video, phone calls from Santa, etc. You can shop a couple of the options a la cart, or purchase an unlimited pass. If you are thinking of any of these options, I can offer a little something off the top. Simply enter promo code BLG20BKP when you are at the checkout process.

Note – There are options to have your little one on the nice list, the naughty list, or have Santa say he’s not quite sure yet with the “Almost Nice” option. If you choose the “Almost Nice” option, Santa will tell your child to check back in closer to Christmas. So if you only want to make one free video, don’t select that option.

Ideally speaking, your little ones’ faces will light up as much as Lilly’s did and the PNP can bring even more Christmas magic into your home too!

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