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Ideal #OOTD: Boyfriend Jeans, Girly Cardigan And Pumps


You would never know it from the majority of my fashion blog posts, but lately I have been feeling a small rebellion against skinny jeans. I love the way they look but they can start to feel binding. Every once in a while, my legs have to just breath, you know?

I went on a mission to find the exact opposite of skinny jeans – the boyfriend jeans. I had looked online at most of my favourite jean stores and couldn’t find what I was after. Then I remembered an incredible pair featured by Mary at Happily Grey. I headed over there to see where she had snagged hers. She mentioned that she bought regular boot cut jeans a size up for a boyfriend fit. Brilliant.

I headed into Bluenotes (my number one source for jean) to get the right pair. They literally had ONE PAIR of boot cut jeans a size up from my regular size in the whole store. They were not quite as distressed as I originally wanted, but I’ve used a Pinterest DIY trick for that before and figure I can do it again. That will be a project for this coming weekend…

In the meantime, I decided to wear them this week, sans distressing. The key to boyfriend jeans is to address how you want them to look. Are you dressing them up, or going for casual. The defining element for these two looks is the shoes. Going casual? Add sandals, flats or sneakers for a relaxed Saturday afternoon kind of look. Heading to the office (as I was)? Heels. A great pair of pumps instantly takes them from casual to chic.

Side note – I have had this adorable girly cropped cardigan for nearly 5 years. Love the mixed elements of knit, ruffles and chiffon. It’s still in mint condition after all this time.

Chiffon & Knit Cardigan – Suzy Shier, ages ago. There are a few similar at ShopStyle
Boyfriend Jeans & Cami – Bluenotes
Peep-toe, Studded Nude Pumps – Suzy Shier
Silver bow ring – Urban Behavior, but bought on clearance. You can find a lot of adorable silver bow rings on Etsy
Bracelet: Tiffany’s & Co.

We are pregnant! Baby #2 is officially on the way!

Hilarious pregnancy announcement.

We started trying for another baby just before our family vacation/my little brother’s wedding. Knowing there would be a decent amount of drinking over the week, I packed a couple of early detection tests with me.

I did one on the Thursday before the wedding. It was the day of Karen’s bachelorette and I figured as maid of honour, I had a possible obligation to drink with the bride. The test came back negative so I had 3 drinks that night.

To air on the side of caution, I took another test the day of the wedding, which was the 1st expected day of my monthly frenemy… It too came back negative. So I had 3 glasses of wine, 4 whiskey & gingers, and a shot.

Future baby, Mama is so sorry!

A few days after the wedding, we were back and home and I was really beginning to wonder where my monthly frenemy was. By the end of the following week, I was starting to feel exhausted, was starting to feel crummy after I ate, and I was nearly a week late.

In the wee hours of the morning of Lilly’s birthday party, I decided to take a third test. I was a week late at that point and really though something was up.

It was positive! Baby Wiltshire #2 is officially on the way!

Warning – if you take a pregnancy test at 4:30 am and it comes back positive, you can forget sleeping for the rest of the night.

I spent the next couple hours laying in bed, researching pregnancy apps for my phone and setting them up. I didn’t have an iPhone when I was pregnant with Lilly. There are SO MANY apps for that!

We had Lilly’s party starting at 10am and I decided to take another test before everyone showed up. Another positive! So, running on under 3 hours sleep & 5 weeks pregnant, I ran an awesome 3 old birthday party.

And then I napped.

I have since been to the doctor, had my blood work and an early ultrasound, where I got to lay eyes on my little growing blob on the screen. While I didn’t love having an early (internal!) ultrasound, it was great to see that everything is developing really well.

I am now 10 weeks, so we have decided it’s time to tell the world.

Now, I will admit that I haven’t actually said goodbye to coffee as the picture above makes it seem. Not completely. I cut back drastically. When I say drastically, I mean at one point I was a foursquare ‘mayor’ of three coffee spots at once. When I’m not pregnant, I have a very obvious problem with caffeine. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was able to still drink (and want to drink) 2 small cups of coffee a day.

However, now it seems that coffee and this baby/morning sickness are not meshing, so I have switched to mostly caffeinated teas…

It’s not the same.

I can say this pregnancy has been much harder than round one. I am working on a post of all the differences and have been keeping a journal that I will start publishing this week. My nausea got so bad I actually lost weight. I survived on popsicles and popcorn for a few days and finally had to admit defeat and get some diclectin. Exhaustion had been my worst symptom with Lilly and it is much worse this time around.

I swear I could sleep most of the day….but those pesky responsibilities (job, house…other kid!) get in the way of that.

For anyone that follows me here on the blog, twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any at one of the other million places that I tend to over share online, you now know why I’ve been a little more quiet than normal lately. You will also likely know that my fashion posts and my well manicured nail posts also decreased.

Because I’m still the first trimester and quite frankly I feel like crap. 

My yoga pants at the office ratio has gone up to about three or four times per week and I don’t even want to think about the smell of nail polish or nail polish remover.

I am definitely hoping that this pregnancy follows the way it went with Lilly, and I start to feel a little more like myself within the next couple weeks.

Despite all of the pregnancy woes, we couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to grow our family and meet our new addition!

Super cute pregnancy announcement.

Lilly is also super excited! We told her the day of her birthday party. Best. Present. Ever. She often kisses my belly and shouts “hello baby” into my stomach. Freaking adorable.

For anyone who wants to jump on the “bump watch”, this little monkey is making his or her presence known much sooner than Lilly did. I will try to start taking and posting some belly pics very soon.

I am truly looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you!

Ideally speaking, I will be posting some Ideal #OOTD Maternity style posts very soon ;)

Fashionably late to the fashion post party.


I am a fashion junkie. 

Anyone who knows me personally knows this is true. I have been this way from a very young age. Having learned how to sew from my Grandma when I was only 4, I was making my own skirts and modifying hand-me-downs and thrift store finds by 5th grade.

I love designers. I can’t afford them, but I love them. I follow fashion leaders on every social media and have an entire folder on my iPhone for fashion related apps. I read an obscene number of style magazine and blogs & will photograph and catalog outfit ideas I like for inspiration. True story.

So now you might be asking yourself one question. Why don’t I run a fashion blog? Actually I do. However it resides on tumblr, is poorly neglected and I hardly ever post my own outfits.

I have recently started posting my outfit of the day on Instagram. It seems to be going over well and I am often asked where I got something. I have thought about incorporating those photos into this blog many times, but I have been hesitant since this is not dominantly a fashion blog. 

Well now I am saying screw it. I am throwing reason to the wind and following suit with other awesome mom bloggers who want to share what they are wearing from time to time. You know, those awesome days where you throw together an outfit, look in the mirror and think, “nailed it!”

This will not be everyday. Some days I’m lazy and look like crap. Some days I wear yoga pants. To the office. But I will try my best to get outfits up a few times a week and outline where I got items from. I tend to hang on to good items, so some things may not be available in stores now, but should give you an idea of where to find a similar style.

Please note, this will not be glamourous. Although I have managed to snag a few designer pieces in my lifetime, I have also bought clothes & accessories from Walmart. As much as I love my designers, it is about the look, not the label.

It is also largely about the budget… If I bought the red sole, caged Louboutins I have my eye on right now, my husband would divorce me. I mean seriously, that’s a mortgage payment.

So here goes nothing. 

Today’s look is embracing the trend of summer whites, while adding pops of my favourite colour. I am more than a little obsessed with turquoise/Tiffany Blue and will use any excuse to build an outfit around it.

Season trend - Summer whites with pops of turquoise.

Shirt, bermuda shorts & belt – Suzy Shier
Leather bracelet & earings – Ardene
Silver bracelet – Tiffany & Co.
Sandals – Walmart, George line
Adorable toddler accessory – my own creation

Updated – I decided to add a close up of my nails, because they match so nicely and I am kinda proud at my first marble manicure attempt. Here is the water marble manicure tutorial I followed.

Marble nails water tutorial

Ideally speaking, I’d be able to wear outfits like this all the time. But alas, I live in Canada. Keep an eye out for my parka outfits around November-December ;)

Fellow fashion junkie? Looking for daily outfit inspiration? Check out the rest of my fashion related posts.