And our new favourite word is…eeewwww!

It’s official, I have been judged…by my toddler. She thinks I am gross and no, I’m not kidding.

Let me back it up for a second. Lilly has recently become obsessed with pointing out everything she thinks is disgusting. It started a month or so when she picked up the word ‘eeewww’. What started as just a minic of Dad and I at diaper changes, morphed into our daughter starting to show the development of her opinions. I’m sure life with an opinionated little girl just gets awesome from here.

Our darling now walks around the house, pointing at various items or situations and declares ‘eeewww’ in this little snarky, matter-of-fact way. She has decided that the dog’s toys, garbages, our feet (her’s father’s feet I completely agree with – they are awful), dirt, stains on her clothes (created by her) and any tiny spec of thing she finds on the floor, are ‘eeewww’.

The best part is that it really seems to stress her out a little bit. She is a bit of a neat freak, which is just hilarious. I don’t know that I should find that so amusing, but I do. The other day at gymnastics, she spotted some beads that looked like they had fallen out of something. She stopped dead in her tracks, pointed and declared ‘eeeewww’ at the top of her lungs. They she furrowed her eyebrows in deep concern, looked at her father and I and said it again. She just couldn’t move past it until Daddy had taken care of it.

Ok, so back to my grand day of judgement…the fateful incident happened one Sunday night after we had finished Lilly’s bath. I walked her back to her room and began to get her dried off and dressed for bed. Somewhere in the process she started saying her dreadful ‘eeeww’ in my direction. She was pointing at me while saying it and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me what was bothering her. So I asked her. This is where she grabbed my hand, lifted my arm and pointed to my underarm, saying ‘eeeeewwww’. I was mildly mortified.

Now in my defense I am a very busy, hardworking mom and it was the weekend. Come on ladies, we all know what it’s like. A little weekend stubble is totally acceptable from time to time. Well, apparently not according to one little 19 month old. So just to really freak her out, I lifted the other arm and watched her eyes widen in horror. Hahahaha! I guess we can add body hair to her list.

Despite my minor embarrassment, I do think it is amazing to see my baby forming her own opinions on things. I will never get over the sheer enjoyment I get from watching my daughter’s mind work. Watching her learn will always be the most interesting part of my day. Though ideally, should will learn much more than mommy’s personal hygiene ;)

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