Learning the language of Motherhood

Over the years, I have had the pleasure to be around many of my friend’s little ones. I have watched them grow from beautiful babies to rambunctious kids.  I remember all too well that awkward phase where they were learning their first words and trying to have conversations with the adults around them…

I can remember having thousands of ‘conversations’ with my godson Ryan, where I smiled, nodded and listened intently….then looked over at his mom, Christina, and asked “what the heck did he just say?” She would laugh and translate. I thought it was amazing that my friends always knew what their child was saying and thought I would be completely screwed when I had my own. I couldn’t understand toddler speak!! How would I ever be able to know what my child was saying to me??

Well, it’s magic! I don’t know how, but as Lilly fumbles through her words, I know exactly what she is saying. Now, I know I am a bit ahead of myself. She isn’t making sentences yet, but she finds new words everyday!

Here is what we have picked up so far:
Daaug – Rinnie (our dog) or any other dogs
Caa – cat
Dawie – Dolly (specifically her Cuski doll)
Daddy/Daa – she’s master this one
Mama/Mommy/Mum – Me!!
Mooo – Cow
Daaah – Duck
Daaie – Upsie Daisy from In the Night Garden
Hi – mastered this one too! And uses it in combo with Mum and Daa
Suh – Socks…she is obsessed with putting on her socks and shoes…gets WAY to excited for this activity

Then of course there are the B’s
Bebe – Baby
Baba – Bottle
Baa (said in combo with smacking the bathroom door) – Bath
Bauu – Ball
Buh – Book

Playing farm with the daaah and mooo!

Obviously many of these have been learned in combination with her pointing and grabbing things to help us know what she is referring to. It just amazes me how much she has picked up. She also knows the words for many other things, but just can’t say them yet. If you ask her, she will point to her belly, hair, toes/feet, knees, nose, the outside, fan, door, car and pictures of Grandma, Grandpa, VaVoo, Nana and Grandpa Jim. She will also wave, clap, high five, blow kisses, and walk up to us smacking her lips to demand a real kiss…which is my favourite gesture of all, of course!

Ideally, babies would each come with a built in translator for all those that are not their mothers…but thank god as their mothers, we are built to understand every word!
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