Daddy’s girl.

I bet most people will open this post expecting some adorable story about our little Lilly and my husband. Don’t fret, I am sure there will be countless over future years.

No, this post is about the original Daddy’s Girl. Me.

Today my dad is coming up to spend the weekend with us. He doesn’t get up here too often, so I have really been looking forward to it. I could get into the philosophical side of how there is a sense of pride that comes from having our parents spend time in the homes we have created for ourselves.

Yada, yada, yada.

If I am being honest, I am just looking forward to having my Daddy around. Plain and simple. It is very similar to how I felt when my mom came to visit recently.

He is coming up to help me clean up my gardens a bit more, remove some pesky cedars and just generally lend a hand. What’s more, he was thrilled (as every grandparent on the planet is) when I asked if he minded watching Lilly for a few hours tonight.

As the only little girl in four kids, my dad and I have definitely always been close. The quote above is one that he tells me all the time, including stating it in his speech at my wedding :) It’s true.

This week has been taxing to say the least. With my company closing (more to come on that when I feel emotionally ready to write about it…) and both Lilly and I being sick, some TLC from my Daddy sounds as about ideal is it gets.

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