Friday Funny: Can I Do Selective Potty-Training?

I feel like all I have talked about lately is potty-training. I don’t know if I have gone more than an hour in the past 3 weeks, without mentioning pee and poop…but for any parent who has been there, you know that it is an all-consuming process.

I had blogged last week about how much potty-training sucks and that I learned I am not above bribing my child

Well is has been 2 weeks today and we have a day trained toddler! We haven’t had an accident in over a week & can even car rides and errands without the use of a training pant.

And, since she is now a ‘pro’, she has taken to potty-training all of her babies. Hilarious and adorable.

Now, while all this is fantastic and I couldn’t be happier, I do have one small issue…

I don’t want to potty-train at 3am!

I love that my little lady has grasped it so quickly, and reminds me every time I put her undies on her, “I no pee pee my undeerair mommy.” She says the same thing about her ‘dieair’ (translation: diaper), which again, is fantastic.

However, it is not fantastic when my toddler, who has been sleeping great for months now, wakes up at 1-3am, because she needs to use the potty. We still have her in a diaper at night, but if she is not in a deep enough sleep, she realizes that it is not where she wants to go.

I understand that telling her it’s ok to pee in her diaper would be more damaging than it’s worth. So I begrudgingly haul ass out of bed and take her to the potty for a good 15-30 minutes until she goes. And, since she’s up anyways, she of course asks for her milk, her snack and her show….tv at 3am? Dream on child. 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Ideally, this will all be done with soon and I will be able to put the potty talk to rest. At least until the next kid comes along!


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