#FridayFunny: My toddler’s unique sense of fashion

I have always loved fashion. From an early age I was experimenting with outfits – some more ‘unique’ than others, buying vintage & scouring thrift stores for something I could cut up and re-sew into magic.

As I have gotten older, I think I have become even more intuned with current fashion and what works for my body and style.

To feed my fashion addiction, I started a small fashion blog for moms on tumblr and facebook.

Being more of an “Arts and Englishes” kind of brain myself, I definitely try to encourage as much creativity in Lilly as she chooses to display. I want her to be more unique than the average child, think more for herself and do things because she wants to.

One of the ways that I have encouraged her creativity so far is to let her choose he own clothes as much as she wants…within reason for what is weather appropriate ;)

Most of the time she winds up with something adorable like this:

See how she expertly paired her owl top (so trendy!)
with her pink & brown plaid skirt & brown leggings.

Or this…

Here she pointed at her striped dress, then asked for her pink hat. Adorable.

Or this…

She’s getting better at this as she gets older! She choose her trench coat & asked
for her hair band & brown suede boots.

But every once in a while, we get this.

In her defense, I put her in the monkey PJs, but she picked the trench coat,
brown boots…then added a pink cowgirl hat. Stylish!

I took one look at this mix and thought, “Well, if we add some bling, she could go as a toddler pimp for Halloween…

Now, I am no one to judge her more interesting choices in clothing….because this was me at 17:

wow…just, wow. I lost all cred as a fashion blogger by posting this.

That’s right folks, that is me sporting denim overalls, a boy scout shirt, a tie, a fedora and dyed strawberry hair (worst. choice. ever.) to top it all off.

God, I was so cool creative. I’ve come a long way since then, I swear!

I know I might be a bit biased, but I do whole-heartidly beleive that my child is cute enough to pull off any wacky combination she dreams up.

Ideally speaking, she will be as creative (or not) as she chooses to be and will always be happy being herself. I know I grew up stronger that way and I know she will be too.


  1. says

    My favorite thing in the world when I was in high-school was a pair of three-sizes-too-big, wide-legged brown cordouroy pants that vaguely resembled the bottom half of a bear costume.

    Another favourite outfit consisted of a Nirvana t-shirt, a brown military-esque formal jacket and a skirt that probably was better suited to someone’s kitchen table.

    • says

      Haha! They develop attitude so early! Much earlier than I ever thought she would. The hardest part when she acts diva-ish is to not laugh….and I typically desperately want to laugh. It’s just hilarious to see such a tiny person trying to assert so much authority!

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