#WordlessWednesday: My mom of the year award moment.

Our daughter was recently diagnosed with Celiacs disease. How do you reason with a toddler as to why they can’t have birthday cake or cupcakes? You don’t.

Lilly looks first at the pink icing covered cupcakes, then to every kid around her mowing down on them, then to me with the saddest little eyes I’ve seen in ages and my heart breaks. She doesn’t understand. How can she?

So I did what any rational thinking mother (stretching it here) would have done. I fed my toddler a bowl of icing.

Lilly: Mom, I have no time for photos. There is a bowl of icing in front of me.

Now, before every mom reading this either smacks their foreheads or collectively faints from the horror, it was only as much icing as she would have gotten on the cupcake anyways. And more importantly, she f’ing loved it.

I really wish I had gotten a better action shot of her shoveling it in her face.

Ideally, I will learn to be better prepared with my own gluten-free treats for these occasions. But would I do this again? Absolutely. 


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    I would have done the EXACT same thing!! there are so many gluten free options these days for next time, our grocery even has a local cupcake place’s gluten free option, but I love what you did. Mom of the year for sure!!

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      Haha thanks! I have taken to making some of our own goodies and discovered a couple little places around us that make some as well. We have three birthday parties coming over the next three weekends – I will be armed this time ;)

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