#WordlessWednesday: My Loofah Costume Looks Better on Her!

Last weekend I attended BlissDom Canada and had the time of my life! It was such a great opportunity to meet amazing fellow bloggers & take in some tips and advice.

On Saturday night, everyone let loose with the annual Costume and Karaoke Party….a room full of creative types, in costumes, with a microphone. Pure awesome.

I went as a loofah – pics of the building process & link to tutorials coming in another post – and had a great time walking around covered in a seriously large amount of purple tulle and netting.

When I got home Sunday night, Lilly discovered my loofah costume. Don’t get me wrong, I think I rocked the loofah, but I have to say that she looks MUCH cuter than I did…


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      Thanks! Honestly though, it was all Pinterest. I found the idea there. Didn’t love the tutorials mind you, so came up with my own way (will get around to posting it) but it was a lot of fun. She had a blast with it!

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      It was so much fun to wear and surprisingly comfortable! You should definitely make it a goal to go. I made it a goal to get to at least one by the end of 2012 and it was completely worth it. Made some great connections and opens some potentially large doors.

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