#WordlessWednesday: Daddy reading to dolls

Last night my husband, being the incredible sweet Daddy that he is, offered to read a book to Lilly…and of course her ‘baby’ and ‘daisy’. The three of them are a package deal these days.

So she carefully tucked her dolls in on the family room rug and gave Daddy the book.

Daddys girl, toddler,

Then she disappeared for a few minutes, making Daddy wait with the book.

Then returned with a colouring book, apparently deciding in her sporadic toddler mind way, that she no longer wanted a story. Oh, but Daddy still had to read, because the dolls needed their story…

He of course complied, because that man will do anything for his little girl.

Daddy's girl, funny toddler, toddler


    • says

      Yeah, I am always amazed at just how far he will go to make her smile. The commercial with the grown man wearing a tiara and having tea…totally my husband! It is incredibly sweet.

  1. says

    It is funny the things daddies will do for their daughters but not for their sons! Guess the father-son relationship is different!!! My little girl has her daddy wrapped around her little finger!


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