Daddy Will Work For Hugs

He’ll do this all day and night, if she asks him to.

“You can do no wrong when you say ‘I Love You Daddy‘”

My husband actually admitted this out loud to our daughter this past weekend. I have always known that she had Daddy wrapped around her finger. I have known it since this moment:

But now she knows it to.

If she remembers this when she’s 16 and asking for a Mustang – car or actual horse – he is completely screwed.

I find it equally adorable and amusing just how much he craves those little bits of attention she will toss his way. Case in point, I also heard him say this weekend, “If you give me another hug, I’ll do the song one more time.

Daddy will actually work for hugs. 

Real men Dads play with dolls.

I laughed out loud and told him he better watch it. She is smarter than he might think and she will remember these things. One more chocolate cookie? Hug Daddy. One more bedtime story? Hug Daddy.

The man has doomed himself.

But can I blame him? Every new parent spends much of the first year caring for a little being who hasn’t yet learned about “Hugs” and “I Love You’s.” It takes a good while for them to show any real affection at all. Sure, you know the bond is there, but there is nothing better than little feet pounding the floor in your direction & tiny arms wrapped around your neck as a result. There is nothing better than saying “I love you, Lilly” and hearing “I love you too Mommy” back. The fact that they know how to respond to affection and know how to show it, is one of the best things you learn going from infant to toddler.

As much as I know I cherish all these little bits of lovin from my monkey, I know, from experience, about the power of being a Daddy’s girl. There isn’t anything in this world Adam won’t do for Lilly. I know it. He knows it. She knows it.

She will always have the upper hand.

He’ll run until he’s out of breath, crawl on all fours until his knees ache, take multiple tackles (usually resulting in an unfortunate money shot…) and make a complete fool of himself, all in the quest to make his little girl smile. And maybe, if he’s lucky, one more hug.

Now, in an ideal world this would work for me as well. One more hug would get me an iPad, for example. Unfortunately, I’m not as cute as she is.


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