Talking With My Toddler #5

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She might say she just wants Mommy for Christmas…but last year she
seemed pretty happy about actual presents ;)

Disclaimer: I didn’t actually have this conversation with my toddler. My daycare provider did. But then she promptly texted me the whole thing so that I could revel is the pure sweetness of Lilly’s confession.

This technically should be placed under Adventures in Daycare, but it’s more of a quick chat versus full blog post. I simply needed somewhere that I could commemorate this adorable exchange.

I also need date stamped proof of this loving declaration when she is 16 and says she hates me.


Daycare Mama: “Lilly, what do you want for Christmas?

Lilly: “My Mommy.

Daycare Mama: “Ok, but what toys are you asking Santa for?

Lilly: “Nothing. Just my Mommy for Christmas.


This made me both smile and shed a few tears. I like to joke about how much she is a Daddy’s girl, and she is. But we both also know, I am as much her world as she is mine.

Now, I feel the need to point out that when we actually met Santa this past weekend, she asked him for a reindeer. A “big reindeer” to be specific. A reindeer?!

That shit is so not happening.

If she persists on the reindeer business, I may have to draft my own trucker-mouth riddled letter to Santa like Nicole from Moms Who Drink & Swear.

Ideally speaking,  I will always be her perfect gift. God knows, she is the best one I have ever received.

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    Such a nice comment from you daughter. I agree we need to hang on to (and write down because I have a horrible memory) these memories to look back on. There will come a time when they are embarassed by our very existence!

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