Violence Unsilenced. My Story.

Today my hands are shaking as I type. Today I tell my full story, down to the little details, on Violence Unsilenced.

I haven’t been quiet about my past experience with child abuse and molestation on this blog. But I have been rather vague. I have touched on what happen to my family and specifically to me, but never in a detailed account. It hasn’t been something that I have been completely comfortable with putting on my blog, although I always knew I wanted it to be shared.

Today I was given that opportunity; to share my full story of childhood molestation in detail.

Violence Unsilenced is a wonderful not-for-profit agency that gives survivors the opportunity to voice their personal stories of domestic violence, sexual abuse and sexual assault. These stories are shared with a global reach of readers and helps to raise awareness and understanding.

For myself and so many others, writing is a therapeutic way to release something that is festering within and share it with others who may need to read it.

I have an unbelievable amount of respect and gratitude for organizations such as Violence Unsilenced, who work to shed light on an issue that still runs rampant in our society today.

For fellow survivors and victims still dealing with abuse, take a look at the great list of resources that Violence Unsilenced has listed on their site.

For fellow bloggers and/or survivors, please consider adding a button to your site to help promote this rewarding and healing service.

I want to thank Violence Unsilenced for giving me a place to share my voice and have it reach ever further. As always, I truly hope that it helps others in similar situations and that they to can remain idealistic and find happiness.


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      Thank you so much for your kind words Kristin. Thank you for sharing your story as well. I truly love reading stories of other survivors who have overcome the trauma and have found happiness. Checked out your blog too. You have a beautiful family :)

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