I stand for the innocence in the world.

Stand for the innocence in the world, child's rights, child abuse victim

The hands-on workshop that I did at BlissDom Canada in October, was about change. It was about defining who you are, and what you stand for. When I saw this workshop on the agenda, I knew it was something that I had to do. I have often felt that I can easily be pulled in a million directions. I have a hard time saying no and not getting involved or taking on more than I can likely handle. I lack focus, even in the things I believe in. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it is something I want to manage better.

During the workshop, we were asked to develop a tagline. Our tagline. Not one for our business, but for who we are as people. I went into the exercise maintaining most of the tagline you see up in my blog header. That I always want to look at the world from my point of view; mildly naïve and wildly idealistic.

Over the course of the session, we went through various exercises to help define what our tagline really is. Are we living up to that timeline? What obstacles are standing in our way, and preventing us from completely being that person?

I went in knowing that I would like to do more advocacy for children’s rights. Being a child abuse survivor myself, I would like to help create a voice for fellow victims and preserve their right to remain positive for their future. The exercises during the session forced us to speak honestly and out loud about how we feel. We had to mingle with fellow participants and tell them what we think and what we believe in. I came out an advocate.

I stand for the innocence in the world.

I stand for the innocence of the world because it deserves to be preserved. Every individual has the right to dream and imagine, no matter what life tosses at them. I am not shy about my past. I am open with the fact that my childhood was filled with abuse and molestation that I had to overcome. That wasn’t an easy road. It still gets hard from time to time. However, I still look at life with a glass half full approach. I am still optimistic.

I want to fight for that innocence and optimism. I want to nurture it in those who may be struggling to hold onto it. I want kids to know that they have a right to be mildly naïve and wildly idealistic, despite what life may throw at them. I want to reach out to fellow child abuse survivors, to bully victims, the child soldiers and so many more.

I want to tell them that nobody can take their innocence. Nobody can break it. Not if we don’t let them.

I have been giving some thought on how to get more involved for a while now. I have blogged before on behalf of organizations such as Kids Help Phone or Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have traveled with and blogged about Free The Children and Me to We. Organizations that strive to improve the lives of children here at home and all around our world have always be close to my heart.

I want to find a way to become more consistently involved. To use this voice in an even larger way.

Honestly, just as the case is with many people, finding the time to get involved in various causes can be difficult. However, I feel it is important to the legacy I build in my children’s eyes and the impact I can have around me.

How do I know this example can have an impact? Because I know where I get this drive. I grew up watching my mom volunteer with hospice, local women’s shelters and around our community. She worked in a nursing home and as soon as I was old enough, she brought me with her many days to read to the residents. This is the example I grew up with. A strong, caring and motivated women who has always had a passion for giving to others.

So this is me, putting it out there for the whole internet to see. I declare my intent to do more with my voice. I vow to get in touch with my inner self from 10 years ago. That girl who had the passion and drive to get involved and change the world.

I stand for the innocence in the world. Ideally speaking, I can inspire others to do the same.

What is your tagline for life? What do you stand for or represent? I’d love to hear – sound off in the comments below.


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