Finding time for me.

Last weekend I attended #MomsMeTimeTO, an impromptu mini conference in Toronto. A large focus of the event was about helping moms find time for themselves. There was a lot of discussion how any mom can be the best mom when she takes time to care for herself as well as her family.

It was with this discussion in mind that I decided to carve out a weekly me time, using one simple little indulgence. I going to get back into painting my nails.

finding time for me, mom's me time, painting my nails, parenting, canadian mom blogger,
I went on a little nail focused shopping spree. Needed new tools and colours
of spring; turquoise & coral.
TIP: I found this great little tray at the dollar store and set it right on my bathroom counter. It will be a daily visual reminder to make sure I carve that time out and hopefully spark some creativity.

Sure, it’s not solving world peace or furthering my wealth of knowledge, but it is a tiny little something that I can do for ME.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I never get time for myself. I have a wonderful husband who will encourage me to go out for a movie with the girls or rearrange his schedule so that I can take off for a weekend conference here and there. The problem is that those occasions are few and far between.

I have written before about the guilt that comes from taking time for me. My husband has no issues planning a weekly get together with the boys for a spots game, yet I often feel terrible for getting a haircut that might make me miss bedtime. This seems to be a common trend for most moms. We understand that we should do a bit more for ourselves, but we know that the time spent on us could also be spent on our family.

To be honest, this guilt was playing in the back of my mind last night as I painted my nails and watched some TV. I knew that there was laundry to switch and fold and a playroom that looked as if 5 children had ravaged it. There was only one. She might be tiny, but man can she cause some damage…

I had to simply push those thoughts away. I knew I could get to them tomorrow. That the world wouldn’t end if I put those chores off by a day and did something completely for me. The beauty to choosing painted nails as my weekly treat, is that I really am helpless afterwards. Once that nail polish starts going on, I am out of commission for Mommy Duty. These suckers need to dry. It literally forces me to relax and do nothing, or else risk ruining them and wasting the time I did spend.

This little bit of pampering comes with a heavy dose of nostalgia as well. Painting our nails was one of those things that my Mama and I did together a lot. I can still remember her huge collection of different colours, tools and the super loud old hand dryer. We used to plan a few hours every week or so to have our ‘spa day’ and do each others nails. As Lilly gets older, this weekly me time can grow into us time which I know I will cherish just as much.

I choose the season’s leading colours, turquoise & coral, and a fun little nail strip for my thumbs. Then I upped the chic factor and matched my outfit to my nails. Cheesy, but totally cute.

finding time for me, mom's me time, painting my nails, parenting, canadian mom blogger,

Since I only paint my nails once in a blue moon now, I am a little rusty. Ideally speaking, I will have Pinterest worthy manicures in no time.


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    Omg – Crys – I love this! We’re so alike! I used to to totally guilt over missing bedtime, and my neighbour and I used to paint nails outside so my son would learn to sleep without me (wet nails…as you said). Now my daughter and I share mani and pedi time. Love your post.

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    So true it’s so hard for us to have me time! That’s actually the tag line for my blog and the reasoning behind the name Mami’s Time Out. Because everyone needs some me time especially to be able to be better moms. We all need to recharge.

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