Wordless Wednesday with linky: One busy family weekend.

This past weekends was one of those weekends that you know is going to be a lot of fun, but will leave you feeling like you had no break at all. I’m exhausted, but as you can see, it was well worth it.

We started with a superhero themed stag and doe for a good friend of ours. He was our Best Man, so if he says wear a costume, we go full tilt. Adam and I rocked Street Fighter. It was awesome.

High school friends + costumes + alcohol = 2 days of worthy recover.

Then we had a relaxing day on the farm. Which was definitely required after the previous evenings festivities…

Kittens! Or Baby Kitties” as Lilly calls them.

The lambs. So incredibly cute.

Then we had a beautiful time enjoying the park for Earth Day. Granted that was Monday, so not the weekend. I do think we were still in partial recovery mode, so the fresh air did wonders.

We had gone to the park to clean up any trash, but found it was already done! Apparently the local school brings their kids to tidy it up. What a great thing to find on Earth Day.

Lilly was beyond excited to see the park reopened for Spring.


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    The trouble with a kitten is that it usually becomes a cat!
    Seriously though, I love cats. There are currently six of them in my house. I really hope my former roommate comes this summer to pick up the one that’s his, though. She does not get along with my brood.

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