Wordless Wednesday with linky: A beautiful wedding.

This past weekend we celebrated the wedding of one of my closest friends. You may recall the incredible cupcakes I decorated for her bachelorette a few weeks ago.

In true Veronika fashion, the wedding was one of the most beautiful I have ever attended. With the bride being a graphic designer, you can imagine that a lot attention was paid to every pretty detail.

Beautiful DIY Wedding Decorations
Veronika and her wedding party made everything themselves!
I adore the smile on Bryce’s face. He’s so happy to see her. Photo credit to my talented friend, Iris Kerr.
I always love the occasion to get dressed up…and take lots of selfies….

Lilly got to stay with Grandma and Grandpa on the farm for the night and “helped” with barn chores. The next morning, we ventured out to explore Grandma’s beautiful garden.

Toddler smelling flowers in the garden


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    I love weddings. I think married couples should get remarried every 5 or 10 years just so they remember their vows! Blessings to you from Teresa at NanaHood.com if you haven’t linked up with me yet do come by!

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