Talking With My Toddler #16: Buying her own house

Daddy's Girl wants to buy her own house. Cute.
The shirt reads “Daddy’s Sweetheart”. So. Very. True.

Like so many toddlers before her, Lilly is completely fascinated with money. She doesn’t care so much for the paper money. The coins are where it’s at.

She’s already begun the regular scavenging, heading first for Daddy’s lunch pail when he gets home and then heading for his night stand next. He’s the sucker who leaves his money laying around and she knows it.

Lately I have been reminding her that she needs to ask Daddy before taking mitts full of his loose change. Once he says yes (as he always does – she is a daddy’s girl…) we take it to her room and add it to her savings. We’ve been using a little porcelain mug, so she can see her loot thus far.

Last weekend, after seeing just how full the mug had gotten, she ran out to tell Daddy she has lots of money.

Lilly: “I have lots of monies Daddy.

Daddy: “Do you? Wow. What are you going to buy with your money?

Lilly: (pondering for a moment) “I gonna buy my own house!

The hubs shoots me a look and we smirk at each other. Not even 3 years old and wants to leave the nest. Not so sure I’m ready for this yet…

Daddy: “Your own house?! So you’re moving out?

Lilly: “Yup. I get my own house with my toys.”

Mommy: “That’s such a big girl move honey. Who is going to make you breakfast at your new house?

Lilly: “Daddy will make my beakfast!” (She says this so certainly & shoots me a look like I’ve lost my mind)

Daddy: “Oh but honey, I won’t be there.

Lilly: (utterly shocked) “You won’t be at my house, Daddy?

Daddy: “How about I make you breakfast now in this house & we can talk about your own house in a few years?

Lilly: “Okay!” (as she goes running for the kitchen)

Part of me thought this conversation was adorable and hilarious. Part of me worries about a 20 year old Lilly who still thinks Daddy will make breakfast and Mommy will wash clothes…

Ideally speaking, she will buy her own house close enough that we can. Sometimes. Only sometimes ;)

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  1. says

    Hi Crys
    New here and love this post!
    Awwww… honestly, I am hoping that my brood would buy their own houses and live near me (by this, I meant like across the street or the apartment beside)so that I can be around, only as much as they allow. *blush*

  2. says

    Kids do say the funniest things. When she was four, my daughter planned her wedding reception to be at McDonald’s! She said it was because everyone likes McDonald’s and all the little kids could play in the play place!
    Stopping in from Titus 2 Linky!

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