Talking With My Toddler #18: She knows her father well.

Home brewing kit for Father's Day.
Giving Daddy his new home beer brewing kit.

Lilly is getting to an age where I can legitimately start involving her in some decision making processes. This is great. I love hearing her opinions on things. Granted, largely because they are often hilarious.

Case in point.

Mommy: “So honey, Father’s Day is coming up. That’s a special day for daddys. I think we should get Daddy a present.

Lilly: “A present!?! Yeah! I get a present too?

Mommy: “Well no, you and I just get a present for Daddy.

Lilly: (now visibly less excited about said event) “Oh. Ok.

Mommy: “What do you think that we should get Daddy?

Lilly: “I dunno.

Mommy: “Do you think he would like some new clothes?” (I say smiling, trying to be funny. Although we did get him a new suit a couple years ago)

Lilly: (giggling – she knows Daddy hates clothes shopping) “No!” (then, getting excited again) “I know! Um, how about we get Daddy beer!

She knows her father so well.

And just like that, on the full advice of my 2 year old, we bought Daddy a home brewing kit.

To be honest, I had thought of this before. What with the new house coming with a keg fridge and all. But it was truly the perfect mix of funny and endearing to hear Lilly suggest it as the perfect present.

And as if that wasn’t funny enough, we decided to fill out a little questionnaire as part of Father’s Day as well. Daddy is 3. His favourite food is lunch. Obviously.

Father's Day Printables

FYI – I take no credit for the two adorable Father’s Day printables above. The card came from the  Dreamsicle Sisters and the questionnaire from Kinzie’s Kreations. Thank you Pinterest ;)

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