Talking With My Toddler #17: My own words haunt me. Again.

Cuddles. Taken moments before my stern talking to…

As every young mom or dad knows, parenting a toddler can be a challenging task. When you need to make a point or correct a behaviour, you need to first simply get them to stop moving long enough to look at you and actually, maybe, absorb what you’re saying.

Lilly has recently picked up on this technique has been applying it to convey her own form of parenting. You know, when she feels the need to parent me…

Lilly: “Mama, I want you to sing other Rapunzel song again. Please.

Note – for fellow Disney obsessed Mamas like me, she is referring to the ‘Healing Incantation’ or ‘Geam & Go’ as she calls it.

Mama: “Honey, I already sang you three songs and I let you stay up a bit late. It’s past bedtime and time to go to sleep.

Lilly: “I want other Rapunzel song again!” (much whinier tone than the first time around)

Mama: “Goodnight Lilly.” (my way of pointing out that I don’t listen to whining or answer to demands)

As I start to turn away, she quickly grabs my hands and changes her approach.

Lilly: “Mama, look at me. Look at me, Mama.” (pause for deep breath/dramatic effect) “I am mad. I upset with you because I want other Rapunzel song and you said no. So that make me mad.

I bite back my chuckle as I hear some of my own words spit back at me. Again

Mama: “Ah, I see. Well, I am a little upset that you don’t seem to understand that it’s bedtime.

Lilly: “Well, you made me upset first.


Mama: “Ok, well I guess we can both agree to be a little bit upset and go to sleep.” (bending down to give her another goodnight kiss)

She rolls over to face away from me and heaves a big sigh to solidify her point. I walk towards the door and pause before I leave.

Mama: “Hey Lilly, I love you.

Lilly: “I love you too Mama.

Mama: “You have a good sleep and I’ll see you in the morning.

Lilly: “I will. Goodnight Mama.

And just like that our little discussion about being upset is forgotten. 

Ideally speaking, bedtime arguments and discussions with adults could be resolved this easily too…

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    That is so lovely! One of my daughters was trying to talk to me the other day, while I was having a conversation with someone. I wasn’t listening to her so she said “Mummy, you’re not listening to me! You’re making me very cross!”

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    Toddlers are such a challenge! I have a 2 year old and she always surprises me. Right now she is my little echo! Anyhow, I found you on TGIF Blog Hop & Linky Party. I’m so glad I did. You have a truly lovely blog!

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