Wordless Wednesday with linky: Attending Mass.

This past weekend, there was a mass for my late VooVoo (grandfather). I wanted to share it with Lilly, but with this being her first time attending a full church service, you can imagine it was an overwhelming experience for both of us.

Now that we live in town, attending church is something we want to start doing as a family. Ideally, after a few more visits, Lilly will learn that pew hopping is kinda frowned upon…

After the mass on Saturday, my VaVoo invited a bunch of family back to her place for food. Lilly couldn’t understand the hold up to get home to said food.

First she tried to get my VaVoo’s attention.
“Ok, so there is food back at your place, right? What are we waiting for?”

Then she decided to just head home on her own…
“Alright, forget it. More for me.”

My Aunt Marg caught up with her.
Facing the crowd of family: “Hey, let’s go! Time to eat!”


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      Thank you. He actually passed two years ago. The Saturday mass that falls closest to the anniversary of his death is one a lot of the family tries to attend. It’s a nice time to get together and remember him :)

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