Wordless Wednesday with linky: Canada Day 2013!

Yesterday, Lilly and I had a wonderful time at our town’s Canada Day parade and festival.

Of course, we got new t-shirts for the occasion.

Canada Day 2013

How could I not include this photo?! I thought she had outgrown the phase of kissing her own reflection…not that I can blame her. She’s freaking adorable.

Canada Day 2013

Baby came out for the festivities as well. Because, of course she did.

Canada Day 2013

Lilly met up with her usual posse and they sat to watch the parade.

Canada Day 2013

Then we headed into the festival for Lilly’s favourite part. The rides. Oh, the rides.

Canada Day 2013

Lilly and her crew spotted a cannon shooting candy. Naturally, we stood there for a bit.

Canada Day 2013

Do you have posts from Canada Day? Or maybe great posts getting ready for Independence Day this Thursday? Link up below!


  1. says

    You Canadians are so cute in your red. I’m glad we Americans aren’t the only ones dressing alike and taking in parades this time of year. Happy Canada Day to you.

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