Wordless Wednesday with linky: Cousins & Best Friends.

This past weekend, we got a visit from my sister-in-law and her two little monkeys. This is a rare event for us, since we live nearly 6 hours apart.

While they might not have always seen eye to eye, Lilly and Owen have really become very close, despite the distance between them.

They are only 6 days apart in age, making them the perfect playmates. Lilly might have a fair few little friends around, but I honestly don’t think she gets as excited to see anyone, as she does for Owen.

I truly hope that they always remain this close.

Toddler cousins close in age
Cousins! Lilly is trying to get baby Madi’s attention, but she’s just not as fascinating as the dogs…
Toddler cousins close in age
The chase is on! They could spend hours just running around the house.
Toddler cousins close in age
Little monsters. Both the spitting image of their fathers and combine to make
one chaotic little team.


  1. Laura says

    Owen is just as excited to see Lilly. He kept asking today to go back. I can’t believe how well they get along and play when they don’t see each other very often. They are best friends

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