#PinterestHouseProject: Master Bedroom Retreat

I am finally posting the second installment of The #PinterestHouseProject!

I finished all the decor in my master bedroom ages ago, borrowed a friend’s fancy camera and went to work on the photo tour…but took weeks to actually get the post up. Thus is the life of a busy blogger ;)

I will admit the photos are not as bright and detailed as they were in the tour post for my study. We don’t get the same amount of natural light in this room.

Let me start off by saying, I LOVE my master bedroom. I have always dreamed of having a master with an ensuite, walk-in and big enough for a reading area. I scored all three in this house and I am not ashamed to say it was one of the biggest selling features for me. Fellow parents, you get it. When you have kids, you need your own space. Your retreat.

Welcome to mine.

We lucked out when we bought this house. The wall colour already matched the tan, black and blue pallet I had going in our previous house, so we were able to use much of the same decor pieces. However, as with mu study/home office, I took to Pinterest to search out some truly unique crafts & tips to really personalize this space.

First up is our dresser area. Home to some basic decor elements and all of my jewelry storage.

Use dresser top & floating shelves to showcase jewelry & beautiful bedroom decor.

Having all my bling out in the open, I wanted to make sure it didn’t look too cluttered. I had found a few DIY projects specifically meant for making jewelry on display look adorable.

I fell in love with the idea of door knobs on a plaque as a DIY necklace hanger. I had these cute recycled button drawer pulls that I bought at a boutique years ago, just begging to be used in a project. The wooden plaque came unfinished from the dollar store and I painted it white. It originally had a chain to hang it with, but I wasn’t thrilled with the look of that, so I used some hooks and wire from a photo hanging kit to make my own hanging method.

DIY necklace holder. Cute way to keep your jewelry on display. So dainty!

Next, I wanted to find a cheap and dainty way to organize my bracelets that made them easier to get to. I had seen some pins that showed using a spray painted bottle, and although that looked very cute, it seemed like a lot of work to get to the ones on the bottom.

When I spotted this bracelet holder, made from a dollar store votive and paper towel roll, it seemed perfect! It was super easy to make with some spray paint, ribbon and hot glue.

I will warn you that you have to be cautious of keeping a fairly even balance on each side. Learned this the hard way and had to add more glue…

DIY bracelet holder using dollar store votive, paper towel roll & ribbon. So cute!

I keep my rings, broaches, etc, in that little plastic bowl, also a dollar store find. I keep both of these on a dollar store tray that I spray painted black. I had them sitting on the dresser, but when the bracelet holder became unbalanced, it sent my Tiffany’s bracelet to the depths behind my dresser. We got it out and I promptly changed up where my tiny jewelry sits.

My earrings can be seen in the first photo of the whole dresser top. They are kept on a very cool cast iron erring hanger that used to belong to my my old company. One of the benefits of helping to shut down a company was the hand-me-downs.

Lastly, I finished off the dresser top with a few knick knacks and DIY decor pieces. The two glass pieces are a dollar store votive and recycled Perrier bottle, from the Pinterest idea of spray painting glass white.

The artwork is just a small canvas from Walmart. I drew out the same pattern printed on my bed linens and throw pillow and simply painted it the accent colour of the room. It helps that the pattern is very simple leaves…I’m not THAT talented of an artist ;)

Recycled glass painted white. So cheap & gives a classy decor look.

Next, we’ll head over to the bed area. We treated ourselves with some fancy new bamboo & organic cotton bedding when we moved in. I love it. So super soft and the print is very soothing and natural.

Gallery wall above bed in master bedroom. Use pictures to tell "story of us"

The gallery wall was incredibly easy to put up. You can read my tutorial for using wax paper to hang a photo gallery wall for more details.

The wall is filled with mostly just photos of my hubby and I. Lilly makes it up there in a couple, but I wanted one photo wall in the house that told the “story of us.” We’ve been together since highschool, so there is a lot of history (and hilariously adorable photos) there.

The words are significant. Adam and I used to sign our high school love letters with “Forever, and some, Adam” and “Yours till a little after forever, Crystal”

I know. Sappy. And very sweet.

I ordered the custom wall decal, “Forever, and some.” from Quote the Walls. I love it.

I also love all my fancy pillows…though I will admit that they don’t make it back onto the bed every day… The tan one is part of the new bedding and was used as the inspiration for the artwork listed above and the DIY pillow shown on my reading chair below. The black suede pillows I made a few years back.

It’s a little tricky to see, but the lines on the smaller black pillow are tan and blue to match the room. I did a simple zig zag stitch across the front of the material to add a bit of detail.

Simple and beautiful bedding with lots of pillows.

The last area of my room is probably my favourite. My own personal reading nook! Now, as a busy full-time working mom, we’ll see how much I actually get to use it ;)

Mom's reading nook in master bedroom! Love this!

I used this area to try out some beautiful DIY artwork that I had spotted on Pinterest.

The first was a very simple print out framed. I saw some very sweet pins of wedding song lyrics used as personalized artwork. Our song was I’ll Always Be Right There, by Bryan Adams.

Next is my DIY leather wrapped painted canvas. I have seen this Happiness=Books quote online a few times and fell in love with it. You can read the full painted canvas tutorial here.

Reading nook gallery wall in master bedroom.

The little white canvas piece was probably one of the easiest to do and is definitely my favourite part of this gallery. This super simple tutorial for a DIY letter canvas involves gluing foam or wood letters onto a canvas and spray painting it white. That’s it! The message I choose reads, “Yous till a little after forever.” Which if you read above, makes perfect sappy sense :) I then added our wedding date below it.

Romantic quote with wedding date. Letter stickers on a canvas & spray painted white. So easy!!

Lastly, there was my cord art. Or cable drawing, as they call it on Pinterest. Using tiny clips to create a graphic with your visible hanging cords. What a fantastic idea! I knew this light would just be hanging here and really loved that I could turn it into a piece of art that fits this reading nook perfectly!

I also did this little pillow myself. I had left over leather from the turquoise canvas above and had seen some pins for leather appliques on decorative pillows. I drew out the same pattern that is on my bedding and on the painted canvas on top of my dresser to really pull in the whole room.

Cute way to turn a hanging lamp cord into art!

There you have it folks. The grand tour of my mater bedroom. I will be doing follow ups to this post to showcase our master ensuite and walk-in closet once they are both completed.

Any questions on any of the crafts or decorating tips above, please feel free to ask!

The Pinterest House Project! Master bedroom tour with tons of DIY decor projects!


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