#WordlessWednesday with linky: Rustic farm nursery progress.

Just as predicted in last week’s Wordless Wednesday, this weekend was equally busy preparing for the arrival of our son, Cole. I puttered around the nursery, washing cloth diaper, clothes, etc. and organizing drawers and baskets of suppliers. We’re going for a rustic farm theme in his room and I was very excited when some vintage tin signs I had ordered were delivered. I can’t wait to get these up on the wall and start pulling it all together.

Rustic farm nursery

Note, this is about the only organized area in the nursery so far… lots to do!

Vintage looking tin farm signs

My dairy farming father-in-law will be proud ;)

On Saturday, we had up our amazingly talented friend Jill, to shoot some official maternity shots. Jill was the one who had taken the beautiful photos of our family at the park last year and I knew she was perfect to capture some great belly shots. While I don’t have those shots to share just yet, I do have a little selfie I felt inclined to take…I just felt so dolled up :)

Just about 35 weeks pregnant.

Just about 35 weeks pregnant.



  1. Cute nursery and you are a gorgeous pregnant lady! Blessings to you! Teresa from NanaHood.com

  2. Looking good there, I hope all goes well :-)

    Have a tanfastic week

  3. You are looking very cute at 35 weeks, WOW!! Your nursery is very cute too. Wishing you a safe delivery soon.

  4. Nursery is looking good! You look great, too!

  5. Hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We love your blog and want to thank you for hosting a totally fun party!!

    Have a fantastic day,
    Sharon, Denise & Aubrie

  6. Congrats! We have a lot to do with our nursery (not even that set up) and I’ll be 38 weeks on Friday. :/

    • Crys Wiltshire says:

      Thanks! We’re actually being induced at 38 weeks, which is only 2.5 weeks from now, so I am feeling the rush now. We’ll have babies around the same time :)

  7. You look absolutely adorable pregnant! At 35 weeks, I looked like a beached whale. LOL

    • Crys Wiltshire says:

      It really seems to be different for everyone. I am not at all oblivious to the fact that I must have a horseshoe up my behind. lol. I have been all belly in both pregnancies.

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