#UnBoxPossibilities with a Unicef Survival Kit

With the holiday season coming up quickly, you are likely wrapping up the last of your shopping to get a little something for everyone on your list. Here in Canada, we can look forward to gifts we want such as clothes, gadgets, jewelry and toys. However, for many people in the world, the definition of luxury is very different. Unicef Canada is asking you to think a little outside the box this year with their #UnBoxPossibilities campaign. This campaign focuses on survival gifts. Items that can be quite literally life-changing in so many ways.

UnBox Possibilities with Survival Gift Ideas from Unicef

Survival Gifts from Unicef

I am honoured to be a part of this campaign and helping to spread the word of such an easy way for people to get involved. Giving back is an important principle in our house and I want my children to see us using the resources we’re blessed to have, such as steady jobs, a home, this blog, to promote social good and community involvement around the world.

We have had talks with Lilly many times, especially during a difficult dinner fight, about how many other people do not have the food we have, or clean water, or toys. We want her to understand that she should always think of others and look for ways to give back whenever possible. She’s still very young, but I know if we continue to foster a care for others, it can influence her choices in the future.

Unicef is offering a wide variety of survival gifts available on their site (www.unicef.ca/shop) but I have outlined a the details of a few of them below. These are the items that I highlighted in my unboxing video. These survival gifts are all things that we take very much for granted on a daily basis.


  • While it may seem so common to us, many do not have the warmth and comfort of a simple baby blanket.
  • Keeps a baby warm and helps protect them from illness.
  • Blankets for babies are only $22, and that gives 3 babies a cozy welcome!


  • Boost a malnourished child’s chance of survival with this therapeutic, peanut-based food.
  • Approximately three packets a day will help a malnourished child gain up to two pounds in one week, promoting health and well-being.
  • $10 will provide a pack of 21 snacks.


  • Some mom’s don’t get the option of having a healthy milk based nutrition of their little ones.
  • A powder based product that when mixed, gives moms the ability to feed their baby.
  • For 25 packets, it’s only $20.


  • Water is one of the biggest things we take for granted here.
  • Once this water is purified, you can drink it, clean with it and cook with it.
  • For $19 this gift provides 2,857 to families who need clean water.

When you look over these gifts and the simplicity of them, it seems like a very easy step to add UNICEF Survival Gifts to our shopping list this year. While we’re buying the hottest new toys or stocking the fridge with extras this season, these are gifts that can feel like a luxury to moms and children who need them.

To see what an impact UNICEF Survival Gifts are making to the recipients, check out www.youtube.com/unicefcanada for real life experiences. As I said in my video, watching people receive these gifts is beautiful and emotional.

Or join the conversation at #unBOXPossibilities. Help us and UNICEF unBOX Possibilities for children in need this holiday.

Ideally speaking, we can brings smiles to the faces of more than just those in our home this Christmas season.

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